a small town life for me?


Spent conference weekend in the woods, surrounded by family, singing bluebirds, plump squirrels and a few curious deer.
The sound of the wind through the pines got me craving a small town life. I get that way lately, when we're all together up there. It was also the most well-behaved Poppy has ever been--it was her first real experience with green grass and wide open spaces. In most of the pictures she's nothing but a blur. I guess that's what freedom does to her. It's safe to say, she was in heaven. 
And so were the kids. Running around, climbing, playing in the shallow stream, sitting on the porch watching wildlife--i love that. 
"Her got a sock!" -Coco (in reference to her cast)
Living in a city brings so many conveniences, but it also brings a chaos that most kids don't like or understand. It seems they're happiest with simplicity and perhaps in turn, the parents are also--but to give it all up and trust that you will be is the scary part. 
If i could just find a cute little town that also had a La Grande Orange and a Lolo's Chicken & Waffles, I think I could probably do it. 
I want to believe that anyway.
What about you? 
Any of you small town (past or present) dwellers want to weigh in?


Emily said...

I lived in the rural country until I headed off to college. I'm talking no stoplights in the entire county, 45 minutes to the closest Wal-Mart or drive-thru or any type of shopping. I hated it then. For the past 7 years I've lived in different cities, each getting larger than the last, topping off with NYC and then scaling back down to a medium-sized city where I've been the longest. Thankfully, the drive home to the country is only 2 hours away. I never thought I would or could ever miss it so! I love the conveniences here, the easy shopping and access to entertainment. I've been very homesick many times in the past couple of years and just aching to move back, but there are no jobs. My friends aren't there. At this young stage in our life, would we really be happy there? Maybe in a few years?

Jess said...

I grew up in a teeny tiny town and would go back and live there in a heartbeat.

Megan Elizabeth Potter said...

I grew up in a tiny town in Southern Nevada. I went to college in St. George, which is the largest city I've ever lived in. Now, my husband and I live in an even smaller town of Kemmerer, WY. The population of 3,000 and large amount of antelope roaming the hills makes it perfect. We love it. However, the snow ever month of the year is a bit of a drag....Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Chelseabird said...

Small towns are lovely, but I'm definitely a city girl! Hard not to love that gorgeous scenery though! Happy to hear you had a lovely weekend! <33

cardiganempire said...

Let's just move to heber :). But everyone has to come.

Samantha Stinocher said...

I grew up in chandler when it was small. It was the best. I miss that lifestyle every day. I would definitely drive 30 minutes to the grocery store to have my space and enjoy nature.

Jade'Lyn Long said...

I live in a small town. Sometimes I just want to get in the car & just drive until I see lights at night. I crave nightlife, shopping, good food, good wine..none of which I can get in a small town. Every now and then I just look at the car and am like..just go...just go...leave the hick town behind. But then, I go outside and sit on the porch on summer night & listen to crickets or frogs. My neighbor walking at night waves when she sees me, cause she knows me & I know her..and we trust each other. A trip to Wal-Mart takes hours b/c I have to stop & talk to everyone...even people I don't know. We all talk to each other. Then the flight desire is squashed and I am country again...I am home.

Jenna Foote said...

I think I'd like a little of both. Hopefully someday when my husband is a CEO or something, I can have a cabin in Snowflake to retreat to when things get busy.

Hanna said...

Your family is so cute! http://www.hannamarielei.com/

Melissa Keyser said...

We live in a larger metropolitan suburb, and I would kill to live in a smaller town. There is just something so different about the way of life-- like there is somehow more time in the day and life is just more calm :)


malia said...

i would def. say that it is a love/hate relationship. i love small town, but sometimes, not so much. things are farther away, and gossip can be a real problem. But, i do love that nothing is near by, and that you can be somewhat secluded, and be in your own quiet world. Great for relaxing, and dreaming. The neighborhood i live in ( and grew up in) is small town-esque feel. lots of horse property, animals, kind neighbors..but is still in the city. we can even see stars at night, because we have no street lights.
ps but soon, i will be moving to the small town, and am ready to be there again. it's a very special place, and i cant wait to spend the rest of my life there.

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