Today I'm at the ranch talking to the family about my experience working in a Honduran orphanage.
I will never forget the love I gained for the Honduran people. 
They're sweet and generous and willing to help in anyway they can, even with their very humble means.
It's wonderful how service can break down walls of misunderstandings and misconceptions about cultures. 
Can you imagine what would happen in the world if we all had the chance to serve those we didn't understand? That's really where all prejudices spring from--misunderstandings. May we strive each day to understand those we are surrounded by and may our love grow for our brothers and sisters here on earth.
What do you do to feel greater love for those around you?

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Cowgirl Style


I think I could get used to this dressing like a cowgirl thing.
The Breakdown:
Checkered Top: H&M
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Vintage

the fun is nice that we're having a lot.


"Old Old Spice Guy", somebody, Jon Hamm  of Mad Men, my big brother with an Emmy, somebody
{Top Five} Reason's I'm Proud of My Brother/Creative Director for Old Spice Today:
Let the brain washing begin...

you see his muscle and you like them.

He gives you diamonds from a clamfish? Dumb.

you have the handsome.

Happy Friday!
and please know that these are supposed to be absolutely ridiculous...

a giveaway for two.


How 'bout a giveaway while I'm away?
I think yes. 
EgoCloset is offering TWO of my PUBLIC GOOGLE FOLLOWERS a $30 credit to their shop!
When I first found EgoCloset I was dying for this top and guess what? I'm getting it, I can't wait! :)
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Good Luck and be sure to check out their huge sale! 
The giveaway will run for two weeks.
*open to US/Canada readers only.

Bluewater Days.


Hi, Howdy, How are you?
I'm doing swell, I'm packing up to head to the ranch in New Mexico for our Nielson Family Reunion.
We're really excited to spend the rest of the week quading, eating, visiting with family, quading, doing work projects, going The Dairy Queen trading post, quading, setting off fireworks, did I mention we'll be quading? I love quading. Yay. Plus we usually dress up like cowboys, and Marcus is one good looking cowboy. Awww Yayyy...

What Do You Do For Your Family Reunions?

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Fleet Foxes


We're getting really excited about this concert in September! I've been listening to Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver non-stop since I gave Marcus the tickets for our anniversary.
Hope you enjoy!
Are You Going to Any Concerts this Year?

the morning after.


We made it home from our wonderful mini-vacation just in time to exchange anniversary gifts and snuggle up in bed. 
Marcus got me this delicious perfume I've been swooning over and I stuck with the 'one-year paper tradition' and surprised him with tickets to Bon Iver & The Fleet Foxes.
 It was such a lovely weekend and I'll be back soon to share more, for now I'm over HERE & HERE today, guest posting on all things fashion!
I'd love it if you stopped over and told me what you thought :)

not what you were expecting.


Today I am in a very happy place with my favorite person to be happy with, celebrating one of the happiest times in our lives.
There is no {For Fashion Sake's} Saturday because I failed to plan ahead, but I can think of plenty of fashion statements you could make with one of  these...just sayin'

Happy Day! Do Something Fun!

Perfect Little Details.


Did I ever tell you that Marcus did an immaculate job on designing my engagement ring?
Well, he did.
This weekend we will celebrate our one-year anniversary 
(we're calling it our honeymoon number 2, because for some reason 'anniversary' sounds weird).
We're off on a spur of the moment adventure, you can follow along on Instagram (via twitter) if you're curious.
Sailboats on the side
a&m inside
Have a Beautiful Weekend, Full of Rainbows and Lollipops!

{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Modcloth


Try as we did to find employment outside of Arizona, it appears the travel gods were against us, and we're happy that Marcus found a new grad job at all.
 Looks like Arizona gets to keep us for at least a year...I think I'll be fine with the reality once the temperatures drop.
Until that time, you'll find me living in dresses. This one happens to be a favorite!
The Goods:
Sunnies: c/o Modcloth
Gold Hoop Earrings: Forever21
Navy Dress: c/o Modcloth
Nautical Bag: H&M
Slip Extender: c/o A Slip Shop
Leather Kitten Heels: Dillards @ Fiesta

Have You Checked Out The Shop?

{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Paul Simon


During our last roadtrip to Utah I did something I had been meaning to do for far too long.
I bought The Essentials of Paul Simon.
A photo shoot I did of my good friends the Stinochers.  Can you spot the Paul Simon vinyl?
I've had the vinyl since high school, but I only had a few MP3s to enjoy here and there, and when I got desperate, I'd Youtube his goodness, but now I am the proud and unregretful owner of some of his best.
So, I present to you my current ringtone and one of my favorites:



thank you everyone who answered this mornings question. 
after a positive response, I went right out and got some supplies. 
here's where you can get a belt of your own, and you better hurry, because there aren't many available!

i'm new at this 'bigcartel' thing, so if something isn't working right, let me know :)


I've Got a Question.

So I've been getting a lot of compliments on this flower belt I've been wearing on the blog, and I had an idea...
but I need some input from you. 
If I were to make them and sell them on the blog for about $12, would you be interested in buying them?
I've very picky about what flowers I use, as I think this flower thing can look really cheap and cheesy, but I also think it can be beautiful if the flower is good quality.
It's a really great way to add texture to an outfit.
These are a few I've been working on and I love them so much that I'm going to have a hard time selling them, but I think I can go through with it if I know whoever's getting them is going to really appreciate them:

 So go ahead, tell me your thought!

thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.


 Morning girls trip to Bare Escentuals with my sister and DD.
I'm newly converted to their tinted mineral veil! You must try it.
 Ate ice-cream and waffles for lunch
(like i do almost everyday. basically, I should be dead.)
 Saw Harry Potter early with Lauren and Ted.
 Wore my summer crown and more tribal print.
La Grande Orange triple date.
 Went to dinner with two of my siblings + spouses. Ate the most delicious pizza of my life.
Avocado Pizza at La Grande Orange=Heaven
 Delicious Burger Date Night at Liberty Market.
Sunday Best c/o A Slip Shop and Modcloth
Sunflower Heads for Planting in the Fall from Beth!

I hope your weekend was beautiful and that you're ready for this week! 
I've got lots of things I'd like to accomplish 
(most involve cleaning and organizing!)
What Are You Trying to Get Done This Week?

{For Fashion Sake's} Saturday: Tribal


I admit it, I'm guilty of going crazy for the tribal trend. 
It's so earthy, flowing, and fun and it lets my inner-hippie run wild.
Plus, I'm totally a southwestern native, so it just fits!

Have You Given In?
The Breakdown:
Feather Earring: Gift from friend in Brazil
Tribal Bracelet: Torrid
Tribal Shrug: Forever21
Chain Necklace: Forever21
Black Cami: Express
Black Leggings: c/o WeLoveColors

giveaway ♥


How does $30 sound?
You're Gonna Love This is offering one lucky reader a $30 credit to her etsy shop!
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Good Luck!

we're sort of excited.


Some images from the past to get you in the mood...
Ron, Luna, Sirius, Draco
Needless to say, it was an epic Halloween, and my crystal ball predicts that tonight will be an epic movie viewing experience.

I've always had a crush on Snape--even before I knew the truth...
(hahah that baby face!)
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