{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Paul Simon

During our last roadtrip to Utah I did something I had been meaning to do for far too long.
I bought The Essentials of Paul Simon.
A photo shoot I did of my good friends the Stinochers.  Can you spot the Paul Simon vinyl?
I've had the vinyl since high school, but I only had a few MP3s to enjoy here and there, and when I got desperate, I'd Youtube his goodness, but now I am the proud and unregretful owner of some of his best.
So, I present to you my current ringtone and one of my favorites:

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  1. Definitely my favorite. He's the only one who was able to get me up and cleaning as a teenager... and as an adult. 

  2. I have always been pretty obsessed with Simon and Garfunkel for many many years. I am currently jammin to their boxset in my vehicle. You would never have though that about me. I love this one by the way as well. Like seriously obsessed:)

  3. Love.this.song. My husband put it on a CD for me when we were dating and I just can't get enough of that Paul

  4. paul simon is my friend! good taste in music, lady.

  5. Whoahhhh that photo is adorbs! Paul Simon's The Obvious Child is one of my all-time faves!


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