Perfect Little Details.


Did I ever tell you that Marcus did an immaculate job on designing my engagement ring?
Well, he did.
This weekend we will celebrate our one-year anniversary 
(we're calling it our honeymoon number 2, because for some reason 'anniversary' sounds weird).
We're off on a spur of the moment adventure, you can follow along on Instagram (via twitter) if you're curious.
Sailboats on the side
a&m inside
Have a Beautiful Weekend, Full of Rainbows and Lollipops!


naomi maddox said...

beautiful ring! have a wonderful trip, lovebirds :)

Wonder Forest said...

woah your ring looks just like my engagement ring :) love love love it!
xo dana

Aubrey Chevrier said...

that is gorgeous!! I love it soooo much :) Have fun!! 

Courtney Nichols said...


cardiganempire said...

Happy Anniversary Ashley!

Kelsey Cole said...

happy anniversary! - you wedding ring is stunningly gorgeous:) have so much fun!

Highheelsandbubblegum said...

That is such a beautiful ring!  Have a great time!

Gha3736 said...

I love the bokeh on the bottom photo! So pretty.

Osujane said...

where are the sailboats on the side?

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