thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.


 Morning girls trip to Bare Escentuals with my sister and DD.
I'm newly converted to their tinted mineral veil! You must try it.
 Ate ice-cream and waffles for lunch
(like i do almost everyday. basically, I should be dead.)
 Saw Harry Potter early with Lauren and Ted.
 Wore my summer crown and more tribal print.
La Grande Orange triple date.
 Went to dinner with two of my siblings + spouses. Ate the most delicious pizza of my life.
Avocado Pizza at La Grande Orange=Heaven
 Delicious Burger Date Night at Liberty Market.
Sunday Best c/o A Slip Shop and Modcloth
Sunflower Heads for Planting in the Fall from Beth!

I hope your weekend was beautiful and that you're ready for this week! 
I've got lots of things I'd like to accomplish 
(most involve cleaning and organizing!)
What Are You Trying to Get Done This Week?


Rachel said...

I am trying to plan a wedding.  And meet with my stake president for a temple recommend interview.  It is all kind of awesome but also really stressful.  Luckily, this week my mom comes out so she'll finally be able to help, and I just hope she takes over everything. :)  haha

Wonder Forest said...

love your headpiece, and yummmm those waffles look amazing
xo dana

Ivy Towler said...

This week: Monday take the kids to the Children's Museum, drink big Orange Julius' and ride the carousel. Tuesday: Work, Wednesday take the big kids to see Harry Potter {finally!}, Thursday: Work, Friday: start the packing process for our 3 week camping trip!!

pickle_lover said...

I love sunflowers! i'm pretty sure there's something magical about them-because when i imagine running through a huge field of really tall sunflowers it just feels really cool. Hahahaha This week i'm turning in my mission papers! Ahhhh! i'm a just a little excited.

Mugdha said...

Harry Potter! Did you like it?! Also, those radish earrings are the bomb. =]

Emily Coletti said...

All I want to do for the rest of this week is watch Lifetime movies.
They're quality.

Evi Figgat said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Did you just love Harry Potter?! You're lucky you and Marcus have escaped Rexburg, it's finals week so bookworm might as well be my new name this week! Have a good week :)

Autumn said...

We need to unpack our apartment to get ready for some out of town guests, finish up all of grad school homework before they get here, and somehow work haha :)  Should be an adventure.

Aubrey Chevrier said...

Looks like you had a fun couple of days! I love all of your pictures! Your food posts always make me want to move to az just so I can go to all of those great restaurants. 

kitsune-kun said...

looks lovely! I LOVE la grande orange! best pizza around. man I miss that mural!

jenni austria germany said...

my reaction to the pizza photo:


as in, "what on earth is that because it's certainly not the kind of pizza i've been eating lately..."

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