Picnic with Stitched


I've already begun stressing about how I'm going to survive as a mother when summer hits here in Arizona. Simon and I are both happiest when we're outside exploring nature and enjoying God's creations, but when it's 115+ degrees, it's not even safe to spend more than a few minutes outside (besides the fact that it's completely miserable). But I'm trying my best to enjoy the time we still have before summer gets real. Stitched, a new custom design quilt company let me try out their service and I designed this pretty little picnic blanket, so we made the most of the cool evening temps and had a picnic on our back patio, both Simon and Poppy thought it was pretty cool and when they're happy, I'm happy :) I think this blanket will be getting a lot of use!

If you like the quilt I designed or have a design idea of your own, be sure and check out their kickstarter here and see how you can customize your own.

And please share tips how surviving the heat with a kid!
custom puzzle from this & that etc.//Simon's linen romper found here, moccs found here


stephanie said...

one word (ok, maybe two words): pool pass! that's the only way to survive the summers.

~M~ said...

In the summer we go to my parent's house and swim in their pool, go to the Idea Museum, Phoenix Children's Museum, play area at Civic Center Library, train table at Barnes and Noble, I also belong to a gym with a kids club so I can workout and the kids can play inside, mall play places, Chick Fil A play area (bonus: lemonade!), etc. We usually try and go places early in the morning and park in the shade. My car gets crazy hot I may look into getting one of those Noggle AC Tube things

PS- I love your patio!

Reachel Bagley said...

Love your new blog design. And yes pools are your only hope for survival

Beverly Houpt said...

Dude, I am sooooo nervous for parenting in the summer again. Especially now that Gwen says, "ow-side? ow-side?" whenever she wants to go play... And I'll probably just be like, NOOOOOO. Let's sit in front of the fridge instead. Maybe I'll make more of an effort to get to the pool more often this summer. Like every other day.

Melissa van Renen said...

Love the picnic! I complete know what you mean, its impossible to do anything except melt in the heat. We just moved to Cape Town from Dublin and it was a complete shock to the system. Its suppose to be Fall, but it could also be confused with hell. So hot!


Alicia Snow said...

Your patio is so gorgeous. And I am dreading the summer too. I need to find a good pool to frequent so we don't get cooped up inside for the entirety of it. (PS- I love all the Snapchat videos you post of Simon. He is too cute.)

Kristie K. said...

What gorgeous pictures. And I love your patio!!! We love big quilts for picnics. Maybe if you get some plants in your house and have a picnic inside your baby may not notice ;)

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