Packing List for a Tropical Vacation


We're back in the country and I have lots of pretty pictures to share from our week-long adventure in  Costa Rica, but today I wanted to share my packing list because before I went I had no idea what to pack and when I looked around for suggestions, everyone just had tons of exercise clothes on their list, which it fine, if that's what you want, but I prefer to dress semi-normal even if I'm traveling--so here's what I suggest. Hope you enjoy and feel free to pin this post if you found it helpful :)
Day One: Something comfy and cute to travel in--it's a long flight and nobody wants to spend 6 hours something constricting and stiff.
gold necklace: similar here
drapey white tee: similar here
blue bells: c.o. shop indigenous//buy here (use code FESTIVAL for 10% off)
wedges: similar here

Morning Two: Exercise clothes to throw on over your swimming suit for a hike to the one of the beautiful waterfalls Costa Rica has!
high-low chiffon tribal tank: c.o. swell//buy similar here

Afternoon Two: The water is a little chilly under the falls, but if you can brave it, it's quite exhilarating!
striped sunnies: similar here and here

Night Two: A swingy dress that can be rolled up in your suitcase and come out looking great to walk around town in and dine on some local cuisine of black beans, white rice, and fried plantains! Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway on that great bag too!
necklace: buy here
african bag: c.o. DellaLA buy here (support african women)
huaraches: seychelles cayenne buy here

Morning Three: a comfy suit and sunnies to wear as you take on the rapids in search of adventure and iguanas.
chambray: similar here or here
high-waist bottoms: made by me, buy similar here

Afternoon Three: Easy chambray and cut-offs to throw on over your suit to have lunch at a local farm and sip down of freshly squeezed sugar-can juice after a day of river-rafting and sloth spotting.
striped sunnies: similar here
chambray: similar here
cut-offs: similar here or here
african bag: c.o. DellaLA//buy here

 Night Three: An breathable gauze dress for dinner and souvenir shopping--those streets can be warm!
tassel earrings: buy similar here
guaze dress: buy here or similar here, here, here or here
wedges: similar here

Morning Four: Something easy and lo-fuss for a walk through the national forest to converse with the monkeys of Manuel Antonio. "Still more monkeys than people" isn't their motto for nothing!
mexi dress: c.o. flordeluz buy here
huaraches: buy here

Afternoon Four: After a hike through the forest, you're gonna be pretty sweaty, luckily at the end of the trail you'll find one of the prettiest beaches you ever laid eyes on--better have a suit on so you can take a dip! And make sure to stay to see the sunset--I promise you won't regret it :)
pink fringe one-piece: similar here and here

Day Five: Something a little warmer to head up into the most magical mountains you can imagine--La Paz Waterfall Gardens will possibly make you explode from happiness, be ye warned. It's a total dreamland where holding butterflies, feeding hummingbirds from your hand, and getting face to face with toucans is just the norm. GO!
head scarf: similar here
tassel earrings: buy similar here
boyfriend sweater: similar here and here
huaraches sandals: buy here

Day Six: Travel day--the journey is over and if you didn't think it would kill you to eat one more meal of black beans, white rice and plantains, you'd be sad to go--but you leave Costa Rica with excitement to return one day and experience it all again, looking cute in your favorite (and comfy) jeans, a tee and your trusty North Face bag that made it all the way around Europe with you earlier this year.
sunnies: similar here and here
v-neck tissue tee: similar here and here
tassel earrings: similar here
huaraches sandals: buy here
Just in Case:
A light jacket, water-resistant would be a good idea, especially if you go during rainy season--which we didn't. I think I only wore a jacket on the plane there and back, but I was glad I had it for those occasions--our plane home was icy cold!

I wore one like this: here
But here's a cute water-resistant one: here


Irene said...

I'd love to go to Costa Rica in the future (long-distance future! haha) so I'll bear all this in mind. I love summer dresses so I think I'd wear them all the time :)

Night Chayde said...

Those high waisted bikini bottoms are to die for!!!! All your outfits are adorable might have to pin this for my vaca ;) so cute


Lauren Smith said...

I love the mexi dress! Way to style it in Costa Rica.

Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant said...

It was even cuter in person, although the cuteness here is a fair representation :)

Jessica Holly said...

This is perfect! Thanks for sharing!!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Such pretty pics! PS that haircut is amazing on you!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Such pretty pics! PS that haircut is amazing on you!

Emma Le Ball said...

This is amazing!! Can we have one for Europe?? I would die to look as cute as you this summer!

Stephy said...

love your hair in all these pics!

Unknown said...

these are so cuute

Unknown said...

these are soo cute

Carelia Moran said...

Perfect!! I am from next door country (Bay Island- Honduras) and I believe you have the perfect items for temperatures there. Have fun.

"Happily In Grey" Blog post on:

Ashley said...

I just have to cut my hair like yours. So cute!

Brandi said...

I am really behind with catching up on the blogs I love to read...hehe... so yeah, this is why I am commenting down the line. But these photos are so fun and make me love you so much more! I do have to ask! The gauze dress?? where did you get it! I LOVE. lately I have been so attracted to dresses. I just feel the best in them, and am not a shorts fan. Mostly because hate how knee length shorts make my legs look (still wear them of course.) anways...I'll stop. Just wanted to say hi!

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