on the costa rican road


We had a long and windy trek from our first resort to our second at Manuel Antonio--but we made a few pull-overs to load up on fruit stand goodies and take a peek over the bridge to check out the crocs--it was insane to see how big these suckers were! Strangely, I was more scared of the turkey's we saw later on than I was of these--I sort of wanted to get down there and take a closer look...What's the scariest animal you've ever seen? 


Alexis said...

YAY First comment!
I once went to Yellowstone and saw about 6 grizzly bears. We saw three-one momma and her two babies- just about five minuets after entering yellowstone, they were so far away we had to use binoculars to see them buuut the next day we saw another momma bear with two of her cubs about as close as you were to those crocs! It was nuts. Cause we all know how protective them momma bears can be!
I also saw a baby octopus while snorkeling in hawaii! The grizzly bears were defiantly freakier!
I adore your blog by the way!

Irene said...

I bet scorpions and enormous spiders... because they disgust me and could sting me with poison hahaha but I'm not scared of big animals and even less of reptiles, oh, well, except for snakes!

Emily Baker said...

i LOVE the top. adorable :)

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