Christmas was beautiful this year--I was feeling like such a scrooge--I was super busy at work and had no desire to decorate or buy presents, but once we picked out our tiny tree from the Home Depot parking lot, something changed within me. I decided to bake 6 dozen of my favorite cookies to deliver to all our neighbors. People were so excited and one lonely lady invited us in and we spent a good hour chatting and letting our dogs play with each other. I'm always so afraid to bother people, but when I suck it up and put myself out there, it are those times that I have such great experiences. I just wish I could remember that more often!

Christmas morning at Andrew and Reachel's is alway a joy. They have such great taste, so it's always fun to see what they get, and being around kids always makes the morning so much more fun! Plus they always have a nice European breakfast spread or cheeses, bread and yogurt parfaits. It was sad to see the holidays go!

Did you have a good Christmas? Do tell!


Irene said...

I did! Also sad because next year we'll be spending them in France, most probably. But I thik it'll also be a great time, just different traditions!

Brandi said...

I had a wonderful christmas. All the kids came up for sledding all afternoon!

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