vegan leather sounds so much more posh than pleather...


I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases and spoiled yourselves silly with good food and even better company! We had a great day and look forward to another week of fun, as many of our family members are trickling in--New Years Eve is sort of big deal in my family and we're excited to have many of my out of town siblings coming to ring in the new year with us!

On another note, anyone else notice how the term "vegan leather" has slipped it's way into common fashion lingo--let's be real here, this is the same stuff a few years ago we were all making fun of with the term 'pleather'--same stuff, friends, same stuff. But who am I kidding, as you can see I jumped right on that bandwagon! 

That's all. Happy Boxing Day--feel free to tell me what that even means! :)
<<what i wore>>
hair//beach curl tutorial brushed out (see here)
bull necklace//c.o. stylelately (buy similar here)
geo batwing cardi//c.o. oasap (buy here on sale!)
white crop top//nastygal (buy similar here or here)
vegan leather skirt//sheinside (buy similar here)
leather clutch//vintage (buy similar here)
ankle strap heels//oasap (buy here)


Beverly Houpt said...

Isn't boxing day kind of like black friday? A big sale day, I think.
Love the skirt so much!

Teensy Tots Clothes said...

What kind of material is that skirt? It looks like leather, but it's too loose. Beautiful, especially on you! Goes really well with that shirt.

Irene said...

I didn't know what Boxing Day was until I had to teach it to my kids in English school. In England, looooong time ago, lords and richer people gave little boxes with some presents or food to their servants or employees as a way of thanking them for their service and to celebrate Christmas! :)

Natasha Atkerson said...

Great outfit!
I wore a similar cardigan on a post yesterday!
I just love tribal/Aztec prints!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Rachel Porter said...

two things: 1) I just got that same cardigan, haha. 2) I did a post on Friday about pleather, and now I feel un-posh lol

Lippy Likes said...

Great dress and lovely blog. I followed and can't wait to read more.

Kelsey Eaton said...

Haha I think the expression is so funny but it does sound way better!

Tania said...

You're totally right about vegan leather sounding way better. It's all about marketing! Vegan leather sounds like a choice made from conscience whereas pleather just sounds cheap...speaking of which, I totally dig your skirt which doesn't look cheap at all! Your hair is so gorgeous too! Definitely gonna check out the tutorial although it probably won't work on my hair.



Candace Groberg said...

I love this outfit and I love your blog. Great Work!
Candace Groberg

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