New Year


New Years is my favorite.

I love the idea of a fresh start, a time to contemplate and decide what's ready for improvement in one's life.
I've always been a goal oriented person--it was hard for me when I realized the man I fell in love with, was not someone highly motivated by goal setting, because part of what motivated me in my goal accomplishment was the idea that you're sort of proving someone wrong when you actually accomplish the thing you set out to do. Maybe that's not at all what goal setting is about, but it is, however, some of the satisfaction I personally got out of it. 

But as marriage is ever so often about, you must learn to adjust to each others quirks--I've learned that if I want to feel satisfied and fulfilled in my goal setting, I need to find the motivation within myself and compete against myself if I have to--to prove myself wrong, instead of looking to someone else for that.

This year I've made a rather simple list of various things in a few different categories I want to work on, that I may or may not share here on the blog, but the two physical one's I will share, are that I want to be able to do 100 pushups (so I do pushups about 5 times a week before I go to bed) and I want to go on a hike a week, so that I can get better at incline training and so that I can enjoy the beauties that Arizona has to offer. 
I've been doing really good so far...thirteen days in ;) and it feels amazing. I feel good about myself every time I take the time to do what I committed to myself to do. (And I've even noticed it's rubbing off a little onto that man I love...)

I'm excited for this year. I hope by the end of 2014, I find myself a better, stronger person, with more experience under my belt. That's what it's all about, right?

What do you have planned for yourself this year? 
What's going to be better in 2014?
What's motivating you to keep it up?
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Emily said...

It's so true what you say about looking inside yourself for motivation. In the past, sometimes I have put that expectation on my husband which isn't fair for either of us. Hiking is an awesome goal!!

Irene said...

This year I want to be more creative. I set myself this general idea/goal to do amazing, inspiring and creative things to feel happy and productive. I'm signing up in some online courses, and I have 4 specific creative goals that I shared on my blog (in Spanish though).

Beverly Houpt said...

The light in these photos is gorgeous

Sarah44 said...

Love the pictures! You have such great style! Good for you, for being more active. I know that is definitely something I struggle with!

Kelsey Eaton said...

ooh i like that hairstyle on you. super cute ashley!

Kara said...

I vow to be as much of a babe as you in 2014!

Seriously though, I'm really excited about this year. I like to set goals all year, or at least seasonally, and for some reason I'm not ever super inspired in January (maybe because it's been exhausting the past several years). In March, it's gonna hit HARD haha!

K&R said...

love this outfit, your hair is perfect.
and 100 pushups, oh my goodness! my arms are so weak maybe i should start those whole five minute thing.
this year i kept mine rather simple and with a theme of consistency. i just want to improve myself really, we will see.

Kim Jansen said...

I'm a goal-oriented person myself, and even though most of the time I quit, I keep making those goals because one day they'll stick, I just know it. This year, among many things, I decided I want to learn Italian, even if I never have a reason to use it. I've always loved that language, but they didn't offer it in high school, so I took German instead. Cuz you know, that's almost the exact same thing :-p. I'm also determined to quick my job and focus on writing - I'm really hoping that one comes through!

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