attack of the 90s.


The time has come again where i debate chopping the mane or perming it. Or maybe one, then the other. I LOVED the red (and will likely go back someday) but it was hard to get the color just right every time, so i think i'm taking a little break from that. I also sometimes miss the blonde, but don't miss the damage and upkeep. But that leaves me in a really boring place of faded-out, flat hair on top and fried ends that need to go. I found a really cute cut that Marcus even loves, but it's pretty dang short--shorter than i've had since 2nd grade! So i'm really nervous about it. 

Anyone have suggestions? Put links on the comments if you've seen anything you think would be cute!

Have you done anything brave with you look lately?
<<what i wore>>
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buffalo check flannel//j.crew outlet (sold out, buy similar here and here)
green army jacket//forever21 (old, buy similar here)
grey skinny jeans//forever21 (old, buy similar here)
leather strap booties//target (buy here on clearance!)
leather clutch//vintage
turquoise ring//new mexico road trip find (buy similar here)
lip color//covergirl really red (buy here)


Jennifer said...

I put a streak of hot pink in my hair. Haha! Nerve wracking, but AWESOME.

kate said...

I say cut it! Nothing feels better than a fresh cut, especially after having your hair long for so long! I'd say perm then cut, but if you perm you could damage the hair closer to the root that you'd be keeping, as opposed to just cutting it which would preserve the health of your hair at the top. Just my two cents. :) Good luck!

Andrea said...

I chopped 7 inches off my head a couple of months ago and LOVE IT. I needed a change and hair grows. I'm now contemplating going dark again instead of blonde. Oh the upkeep of blonde. Cut it! It'll grow on you in a couple of days. Ha. literally.

K&R said...

i've definitely been afraid of changing my hair before. i've been platinum blonde to basically black. shorter than short to hair almost to my butt. and honestly the only one that i truly regret is dying my hair black. as a natural blonde it was so much upkeep that i hated it, every two weeks my hair would grow in and it looked like i was graying because my hairs just light. but cutting is a different story to me, it always grows back, doesn't it?

Mickelle McCrory said...

i actually love your hair in these pictures! It's like the perfect ombre! But I totally get it. My hair is similar length and I highlight it, and my ends just GOT to go. I think I've talked myself into cutting 4 inches off and then will go from there. So I will endorse the cut! You always look good no matter what you do! Love your outfit too!

Bretty said...

cut it. you will love short hair =)

Rosie said...

Must be the time of year for considering hair changes........... I'm no help, because I am in a similar position.

bashcraft said...

Hair changes can be traumatic. You really just need to make your mind up to like it no matter what. I will say this though, nothing can beat the look and feel of healthy hair. It makes all the difference.

Lindsay Truax said...

I say don't cut it.. Maybe go a little darker if that is your natural color. That's what I did this fall and I love it. But, really, you will look amazing whatever you do.

Ashley DeHart said...

I had hair longer than yours, and just cut it to about my collar bone at the end of October, and i love love love it! Make sure you really want to cut it though so you don't have hair regret! I'm excited to see what you do :)

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