my nominee for president...


 <<what i wore>>
wide brim hat//c.o. oasap (buy here)
moon necklace//b-day gift from marcus (bought locally here)
blue-suede shoes//c.o. persunmall (buy here)
gold boyfriend watch//caroline hill (buy similar here)
Four day weekends really take the cake for best things to happen in America in a while--I must say.
We accomplished so much, while still having just the right amount of lazy time and pie intake.

Marcus' parents left for their mission to London, England on Saturday, so almost everyone came into town to say goodbye and celebrate both Thanksgiving and a mini-Christmas before they left. 

I'm really lucky to have married into such an awesome family. I really like spending time with them all.

On top of all the family time, we finally got our water-heater installed--HALLELUJAH! (thank you Jay! He's the best brother in law!) And we got a bunch of plants to go in our planter beds! Plus we cleaned the house--because we actually wanted to! 

How do we vote 4-Day weekends into office? I want them to be my president.


Ashley Nichole said...

Your good weekend makes me a little hopeful...

I love the dog.

Irene said...

I have a 4-day weekend this very week and we're leaving on a trip to Morocco! that's why I love long weekends; you can get to travel a bit :)

K&R said...

ahhh i love 4-day weekends. we were able to spend time with family in arizona, just what we needed. however, as much as i love 4-day weekends, i can only imagine how they would make the 4 day work week turn into days where each day are 24 hour work days, which i wouldn't like.

Emily Cooper said...

That puppy is the cutest! Also, I'm really loving that shade of blue on your heels.

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