'merica, the grand adventure.


when i got this glorious throwback to the 80s and 90s American flag shirt i was so stoked. 
for some reason it just felt like the epitome of summer shirt--and being that i live in arizona and generally dread the very thought of those summer months, it was weird that that got me so excited. 

i guess it's got something to do with the fact that we have some really big adventures planned for this summer. i think it's good for the soul to have things to look forward to. i know it's definitely doing me good, as we inch nearer and nearer to the real thing. 
it's like a light inside of me is burning brighter and slightly more frantic and that's exciting.

  as i think about it, this shirt is actually slightly ironic considering the big adventure takes place outside of the United States of America--or maybe that's what makes this shirt exactly perfect.
I hope you have something (big or small) to look forward to and i'd love to hear what it is, if you'd care to share.
have a great day.
<<what i wore>>
white scoop neck t-shirt//urbanoutfitters (buy it here)
leather braided belt//jcrew sale rack (similar here)
black skinnies//pacsun (buy them here)
desert boots//target (similar here)
bracelets//vintage & favor jewelry
'a' watch//urbanoutfitters(similar one here)


Irene Navajas said...

I am going back to Spain starting tomorrow and getting home almost 30 hours later! I can't wait to be with the guy and the family! Plus, the next big adventure is finding a place and a job in France together. It will be the best of adventures starting this very summer :) xo

Kate said...

Mine is out of the country too! Going to visit our family and friends in my husband's home country--Japan! Can't wait until May! When are you going on yours?

Emily Nicoll said...

We'll have a brand new little one to hang out with and take on a vacation with my family! Not sure where yet, maybe Hawaii or Vancouver? I realize those are total opposites haha and I would love both! That red hair is stunning on you!

Ashley Nielson said...

oh my! that's where we're going and in may as well! we're just praying the weather treats us nicely :)
excited for you!

Ashley Nielson said...

how exciting! and hawaii is one of my favorite places on the planet! never been to vancouver but canada's on my bucketlist! have fun! and thank you, the red is fun

Ashley Nielson said...

holy cow! that is so awesome! have you ever been? what an adventure!
we're going in may, must the month of travels :)

Ashley Nielson said...

yippee you survived! and how amazing to move to france!
safe travels and good luck!!!

brittany lewis said...

i wish i had an adventure coming up! maybe when i do, i'll let ya know. :)

SobbingOnFifth said...

No adventures planned yet, but had to say that shirt is awesome.

Kara said...

Well, what's this adventure?!

cream_gilina said...

love your outfit!

Kate said...

Actually, we met there! I taught English there the year after I finished college! Can't wait to go back, but not looking forward to the plane ride--13 hours! :) hopefully yours is shorter!

Michaela Shallenberger said...

LOVE that top!
Husband and I are taking a trip in May/June to Hungary. We'll drive up to Austria to visit Vienna, travel all around the countryside of Hungary, and of course spend some time in Budapest.

Long live adventure!


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