wood's a burnin' DIY


this weekend Marcus and i finally got social and met up with my insta buddy Hillary and her husband. 
we met virtually through a common interest in DIYing (and then strangely realized that Marcus and Hillary had gone to jr. high together, and her husband, Mitch, and i had gone to a cabin together once in high school)--small world much?
anyway, we had been talking about getting together and crafting for a long time, but our schedules never seemed to match up.
Luckily Friday the stars aligned and we had such a fun night getting to know each other, playing with their wookie dog, Sophie  watching an old classic (dumb & dumber) and wood burning these cooking spoons. it was my first time and now it's safe to say i'm an addict and can't wait to get my hands on my own wood burner. Hillary said you can pick one up at Michael's for a measly $25, but i think i'm going to order this one i found on amazon for even cheaper!
We picked up this utensil pack for super cheap and the boys bought a pack of cedar planks to burn our name/house number (which smelled so good by the way!).
we then googled around for a bit to get some design inspiration, sketched out our ideas with pencil first and then burned the night away--it was pretty darn easy and turned out pretty darn adorable.

yay for new friends and new pretties!
have you ever wood burned? 
what should i try when i get my own?


kitsunekun said...

love how these turned out!!

Camille said...

Done this! I made a card once, you can mail a postcard that you burned yourself, it's awesome! I also love doing jewelry. Wood beads are mega cheap and it's really easy to make cool designs.
Love the utensils, they turned out awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I love Hillary! We worked together at her mom's scrapbook store. She's hilarious and awesome. And boom - small world just got smaller!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Pretty! That sounds like fun! Love meeting up with new friends. By the way, did I ever tell you that your hubby was in my FHE group in college? Such a small world.

Allison Maxwell said...

I just picked up wood burning a few weeks ago and I am still trying to get a hang of the handling the tool. These wooden utensils looks amazing, I love the patterns you've chosen.

Tia said...

I am a recreational therapist and I did wood burning with patients all the time! It was a very popular project. Often times they would use oil based colored pencils or some paint to add a little color to their project after it was burned, and then spray a seal over it. I love the idea of doing house numbers.

Mindy S said...

Hi! Saw this today and thought of your blog in case you plan to do more wood burning: http://www.swaggrabber.com/onlinedeals/amazon-totally-bamboo-5-piece-utensil-set-5-74-was-24-99-3

Ashley Nielson said...

thank you for introducing me to that website! tons of sweet deals :)

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