{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Cinnamon Lips & Candy Kisses


So You Think You Can Dance has sucked me in to another season. 
I haven't watched since the second season, but one day i got bored, watched one, and now i'm HOOKED!
Everytime i see that show i start hating myself for not being a dancer. they really, really do blow my mind. 
There's a blonde girl who made it to the top 20 that i think is probably the most gorgeous blonde i've ever seen in my life.
i'm kind of obsessed with her. mostly her hair. its crazy, big, natural (i assume) curls and i almost want to scalp her and stick it on my head. that, or get a perm.
obviously one of those is a way better idea than the other. i'm just trying to figure out which...
but seriously, am i crazy for wanting a perm?
i know, i know, but have you seen the girl i'm talking about? 
can you blame me!?
i need that hair!
until i get brave enough i guess i'll just have to rely on my hana salon flat irons.
I've finally figured out how to do the flat ironscurl and i've found it lasts a lot longer than my curling iron curls. So until i get a perm, this will do.
do you have any perm horror stories you feel obligated to tell me?
specifically perms + bleached hair?
outfit details:
hat/forever21 $6
on the mark necklace/gift stella and dot
a watch/urban outfitter $22
bracelets/vintage, charlotte russe $4, mimi's the look c/o
green skinnies/forever21 $19
p.s. i really love this blouse. more and more everytime i try it on. it looks so retro. like a 1950s bowler or a sailor, or a bowling sailor. 
ya, that.

{Foodie} Friday: Greek-Gads


this is one of those super easy meals that makes you feel like you're eating something healthy and special.
husband feels like you've worked really hard over this deliciously cultured, and refreshing meal, little does he know it took less than 20 minutes to prepare.

I got all the ingredients at trader joe's.
 all of it was fairly priced and so, so good! 
falafel is probably easier to eat in a pita because it forms a pouch, but we like their naan bread better, so marcus ate his with fork and a knife and i showed off all my lady-like skills by downing this meal with my bare hands. no shame.

it's all prepared for you, all you have to do is stick the frozen falafel in the over for 15-20 minutes or if you're in a hurry zap them in the microwave for like 3 minutes.

Mmm, i think we're going to have it again tonight :)
 plus, it's roxy approved.
Happy Weekend!

i don't blame her.


Marcus can be quite irresistible.
By the end of the first day my 4 year old niece, Lucy, was already telling her mom she was going to marry her uncle. 
After further inquiring it was discovered that it was my very own Marcus she was referring to. 
Her mom told her that he was already taken, but Lucy simply said, "But i can't help it!...he's so handsome!" 
I know, Lucy, I know.

last day to enter the giveaway...

The Bagley Family Anti Milk Skimming Alliance...


oh what a trip up the mountains to a cabin full of all your favorite kinfolk can do for you.
it refreshes your soul and lightens your heart.
what a blessing a family is--makes me want to form a family compound.

what are you doing for your family reunion this year?

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: red, white, and blue.


 Lately everyday i get dressed i feel like i should be saving the outfit for the forth of july. i think it's because i've been obsessed with this scarf and everything i pair with it is very patriotic by nature. 
 so call me a proud american. 
i can handle it.
we're thinking about going to california for the forth. anybody ever done that? i hear it's amazing.
 outfit details:
red lipstain: NYC from walmart
striped top: h&m
scarf: thrifted
red belt: forever21
skinnies: gap kids
bracelets: vintage, jcrew, stella & dot, charlotte russe
bag: madewell (goodie bag from az blogger conf.)
sango shoes: c/o blowfish shoes
p.s. these Sango shoes are on sale right now at Blowfish and they're so comfy!

another instadrop:


father's day dinner at the in-laws
this is what summer's all about, right here.
swim lessons with these littles and the empress.

favorite summertime snack.
both of my big sisters celebrated birthday's in june. <3 them in all their 80s glory!
sometimes anthropologie sale is where it's at, people.
and sometimes the DMV is not where it's at.
sweet 16...
trying to come up with worst thing to put on the new plates...
we're fans around here...
facetiming our idaho besties
when the light turns green before your lips are fully dressed...
child laborers.
the thrift store was good to me.
it's not summer without these.
that party i had.
the one where i was alone eating an entire pineapple.
an evening stroll.
admiring my blowfish Sangos
our first dinner party at the new place.
krumkake anyone?
late night dreamin'...
i felt like andy warhol would be pleased with this shot.
i'm a big fan of fresh.
my phone screen saver.
the neighborhood strays. we're kind of in love.
BBQ with friends.
a backyard campout.
fire in the sky.
wow! that was a lot of pictures.
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