{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Cinnamon Lips & Candy Kisses


So You Think You Can Dance has sucked me in to another season. 
I haven't watched since the second season, but one day i got bored, watched one, and now i'm HOOKED!
Everytime i see that show i start hating myself for not being a dancer. they really, really do blow my mind. 
There's a blonde girl who made it to the top 20 that i think is probably the most gorgeous blonde i've ever seen in my life.
i'm kind of obsessed with her. mostly her hair. its crazy, big, natural (i assume) curls and i almost want to scalp her and stick it on my head. that, or get a perm.
obviously one of those is a way better idea than the other. i'm just trying to figure out which...
but seriously, am i crazy for wanting a perm?
i know, i know, but have you seen the girl i'm talking about? 
can you blame me!?
i need that hair!
until i get brave enough i guess i'll just have to rely on my hana salon flat irons.
I've finally figured out how to do the flat ironscurl and i've found it lasts a lot longer than my curling iron curls. So until i get a perm, this will do.
do you have any perm horror stories you feel obligated to tell me?
specifically perms + bleached hair?
outfit details:
hat/forever21 $6
on the mark necklace/gift stella and dot
a watch/urban outfitter $22
bracelets/vintage, charlotte russe $4, mimi's the look c/o
green skinnies/forever21 $19
p.s. i really love this blouse. more and more everytime i try it on. it looks so retro. like a 1950s bowler or a sailor, or a bowling sailor. 
ya, that.


Lacey Horst said...

i love her hair too! i wish mine would look like that. c:

Lacey Horst said...

i love her hair too! i wish mine would look like that. c:

Cannon said...

Perms just never give the effect you were looking for. I wanted to try the new Beach Wave perm. Almost had myself convinced. Couldn't do it in the end. Chopped it all off into a longer exaggerated A line instead. I guess I should've permed than when I hated it I could've chopped it.

Jessica Wilson said...

You are such an inspiration, you're so positive, I absolutely love reading your blog!! Would you be interested in following mine? jess4byu.blogspot.com

Shawna Faye said...

Hey Elaine over at Clothed Much got a perm and it looks great! I'm seriously considering one myself these days.

Stephanie said...

I got a perm at the beginning of May at I was so worried at first because of the way that it was styled in the Salon. A couple of days later (when I could wash it) I did it myself and I've never looked back. I have long straight hair and it was just the little curl I wanted. You should do it!

Fillip65 said...


andrea! said...

as a hair stylist i watched someone get a perm with bleached hair underneath color. she didnt say that her hair had been bleached before...they did the perm and all of her hair fell out except for about 2 inches.
be careful...and make sure you talk to your sister about it before you actually do it!

polkadotprincess said...

DONT PERM YOUR HAIR!!! You know how you said you want that blondes hair from SYTYCD? Well I want yours! Dont worry, I wont scalp you. I got a perm three years ago because I was going on a cruise and it was fabulous for... about a month. Then... oh the horror!!! It was super hard to brush because it got so snarly. I had to invest in a TON of leave in conditioner. And... you cant (shouldnt) highlight it while its still permed or else it will fry so i had horrid roots. Finally (three years later) all my permed hair is gone... although I did have to cut it. I miss my long hair. Dont miss your long beautiful hair.

Dani Shapiro said...

Absolutely love this look. As usual.

I'm obsessed with SYTYCD. And ALEXA. And I like to think that's what my hair looks like when I don't curl it, except hers is bleached a much more beautiful color than mine. And I don't have like the most perfect tan in the world and striking blue eyes and a dancers body. So. I'll continue to curl the heck outta my hair!

Kirsten said...

I totally know the girl you are talking about! I am so in love with her look too! She is gorgeous! And her body is seriously allll muscle!
And you look so stinkin' cute. Looove those shoes!

Ashley said...

I totally relate! I saw her hair and I was obsessed, its so wild and fun and I wanted it....I got a perm about a week ago and I definitely don't regret it,the curlers we used were too big so now I just have waves, next time I'll use a smaller roller but it did dry my hair out A LOT.

bridgette said...

Love sytycd we should have never quit lyrical :) I've also pondered a perm but until I am ready to cut a it into a pixie if/when it doesn't work out I'll just keep dreaming.

Ashley said...

But yeah you CAN NOT do it with bleached hair:(

Juliana said...

NO, NO. NO! As a hairdresser, do not perm your hair if it is bleached! It will be soooo damaged you'll hate yourself for doing it. If you love curls, learn to use a marcel iron or a curling wand.

Justine Searle said...

Love this top. Ordered it from Sugarlips. If you enter the coupon code "SUGAR" it comes to $26.40 including FREE SHIPPING! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE.

kate lines said...

I have bleached hair and I got a "body wave" (a less harmful perm) and I LOVE it. My hair isn't damaged at all. I went to a stylist and she tested a piece of my hair first. So maybe try that? It isn't a crazy curl, but enough to be messy and big and if I want the crazy look I can curl a few pieces. I honestly love mine.

Hayley Elliott said...

i had short hair- a bob- bleached a permed, like a deep wave. it looked awesome. growing it out was weird though.. straight on top. love the outfit girl! so cute.

Kristine said...

So I started watching SYTYCD (that took me so long to figure out how to write that) this season but then stopped because it felt like 5 months of just the auditions and it KILLED ME. So I have no idea what you are talking about, but I've thought about getting a perm too, especially when I had long hair. In Japan they have something called a 'digital perm' that's like... a cute perm, not the crazy poodle perms. I don't know if they have any places that do that in AZ but it may be tempting!

Irene Navajas said...

i've never had a perm and i don't know if i'll ever have one honestly. it scares me a bit.
my cousin did it when she was young and when she wanted her straight hair back... it never came. she had natural curly hair growing after her permed hair! weird, i know.

Kali said...

I don't blame you! Alexa, I assume, is the girl you're talking about. And she is absolutely GORGEOUS! (So are you, by the way!)
I adore her hair and her red lipstick. She's awesome!
I say, go for the perm! But maybe research online a bit before you do. Sounds like an adventure though :)

MJ said...

that top. those shoes?
I'm dying.

Alexis Kaye said...

You are FABULOUS!!!!

I've never gotten a perm, but I've always wanted one! I think curly hair sounds fun for a change. My sister does my hair, and somehow she manages to talk me out of it every time I bring it up!

tyler_faye said...

those shoes are AWESOME

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