another instadrop:


father's day dinner at the in-laws
this is what summer's all about, right here.
swim lessons with these littles and the empress.

favorite summertime snack.
both of my big sisters celebrated birthday's in june. <3 them in all their 80s glory!
sometimes anthropologie sale is where it's at, people.
and sometimes the DMV is not where it's at.
sweet 16...
trying to come up with worst thing to put on the new plates...
we're fans around here...
facetiming our idaho besties
when the light turns green before your lips are fully dressed...
child laborers.
the thrift store was good to me.
it's not summer without these.
that party i had.
the one where i was alone eating an entire pineapple.
an evening stroll.
admiring my blowfish Sangos
our first dinner party at the new place.
krumkake anyone?
late night dreamin'...
i felt like andy warhol would be pleased with this shot.
i'm a big fan of fresh.
my phone screen saver.
the neighborhood strays. we're kind of in love.
BBQ with friends.
a backyard campout.
fire in the sky.
wow! that was a lot of pictures.
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Sharmaine Ruth said...

I love your photos :) Looks like you had a really fun and busy time! Is that baby in the 'child laborers' photo wearing a cast or something? Oh poor thing ha!

<3 Sharmaine

Amanda said...

My thoughts:

Yum pineapple!
Are those octopus napkin holders?
I want to adopt one of those kitties! I love orange kittens.
That sky is beautiful!

Jess said...

The Anthro sale is ALWAYS where it's at :) obsessed.

jenni austria germany said...

i love all of these. i had a million comments but forgot them all so i will just say: your baby pictures are always the cutest. i hope your future children are all mini-ashleys (sorry, marcus).

aimee said...

i love all your pictures. gorgeous gorgeous. especially the sunset. and i really want those kittens too!

Emma Chetham said...

Lots to comment on here but I'll sum it up by simply saying; your life is so pretty!

Emma x (

Talia said...

just found your blog from busy bee lauren and love it! you have such cute style and i just started following you on insta too! so im here to stay :)

Anna Heher said...

I love all of these photos! They just scream SUMMER!

Anonymous said...

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