the unimaginable.

it happened. 
the weirdest of all feelings.
the feeling i said, I SWORE, i'd never feel.
a feeling so unimaginable by my prior self, that i promised people it couldn't happen to me.
it's the feeling of missing rexburg and actually, dare i say it, wanting to go back.

there. i said it.

and i blame it, whole-heartedly, on these two:
most especially the one with the double x-chromosome.
though i do love jack--it's jenny who i think of almost daily.
she's my best friend. the girl i could spend hours and days with--painting, sewing, laughing, cooking, eating, dreaming, or just doing absolutely nothing at all--it's that kind of friendship. 
it's the kind you don't have to see for months and within a few minutes its right back to complete comfort.
it's the kind that makes you want to be a better and more interesting person, because it's fun.
it's the kind you wish for your whole life, and you might not even know you're wishing, until you find it. and that's when your Soul says, "Ah, that's right." And your Heart smiles, and your Brain knows you've found yourself your best girlfriend.
And that, my friends, is Jenny Thomas.
The girl who makes Rexburg sound inviting.

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  1. I loved (and miss) every day at byu-i!! I miss it so so much! 

  2. I say: "Go, go pay a visit to her!"

  3. These friendships are the very very best!

  4. wow, that's a beautiful declaration. you should try to go to rexburg!

  5. This is super cute post - you're lucky to have found someone like that in your life :)

  6. Oh, I want a super duper best friend like that.  It sounds like it's about time for you to go on out there for a visit :)

  7. This post just made me text my best friend... :) 

  8. I totally know what you mean! My bff went through college and traveled Europe together. There's nothing like our duo. I'm so glad that even though we're both married we still find time to chat with one another :)

  9. AHH!! I think you should follow all of these ladies lovely advice of coming and visiting me! :P Graduation present? Hahaha


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