{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Purusha People


This year I am going to focus more on my health. I like to have themed years when setting goals. Good things tend to happen to me when I have a theme.
First it was Yes Year--and that was the year I said yes to getting set up after many years of refusal, it was that 'set up' in which i met Marcus. 
Then there was Love Year, which also happened to be the year I got engaged and married.
So this year I am declaring Be Strong Year
Perhaps it was that one time I googled my name and this picture showed up...
It's pretty inspirational if you ask me.

No, really. I have absolutely no desire to look anything like that, but I do have a desire to feel strong and healthy and not like I'm going to faint if I run a quarter of a mile...So I will strive each day to get up from my computer desk and MOVE, bike, run, skip, skate. I will crawl out of my bed and do some push-ups or some sit-ups. I will finally put that Jillian Michaels DVD in and give it a try. I will visit my neighborhood yoga studio. And I will be strong.
And while I'm being strong I might as well look kinda cute in the most comfortable yoga clothes on the etsy planet...because leggings that don't go see-through? sign me up!

Do you have a theme for this year?

the breakdown:
microorganism t-shirt (softest in the WORLD): purusha
cutest freakin' irezumi leggings: c/o purusha

p.s. i love the owner/designer. she's the nicest!


Mindy said...

I have never really been one for resolutions. Although, in 2005 I resoluted to never cut my own hair again, and I haven't. I am not sure if that makes me a big deal or not, but it probably does. ;) I inadvertently kinda made a theme this year, though so I find it fun that you purposefully and intentfully do so! Mine is jump into 2012. I did so by jumping into a dam in Logan, Utah when it was 17* outside at midnight of the New year! {http://nikerunner.blogspot.com/2012/01/jumping-in.html} Good luck with your theme!! :)

Katia said...

Leggings that don't go see through are exactly what I need :O Thankyou!
I think this is a great goal - and cute work out clothes definitely do help inspire to work out :$


Laura M said...

if only we could all get the leggings c/o. 

Taylor Veater said...

Those leggings are DARLING! And girl, we're on the same page this year. I'm logging miles and getting sweaty every morning these days. It's hard sometimes but it feels SO good.

Taylor Ann

kitunse-kun said...

ahhhhh CUTE leggings! these are worthy worthy goals.  why am I so terrible at exercising? bleh.

jenni austria germany said...

i. want. those. leggings.

Shannon Weel said...

Those yoga pants are too cute!


Emily Baker said...

Looovvveee it! Haha

lacosta said...

the leggings are really cute!
I don't have yearly themes but prefer to go with monthly themes =)
Increasing Energy is a great project! ^_^

Briannadupuy said...

Oh you are just so cute. So what I really want to know is how or where or what do you do with all the awesome pictures that are taken of you. Do they make it in a scrapbook to look back and remember when, or do they linger in your computer files for someday. Seriously you take great pics and I just love your blog ;)


Ashley Nielson said...

Oh theyre just sitting on my $200 computer that looks and sounds like it'll crash any second and I keep thinking, " I really need to back this up or print a few pics" but I never do. Haha thanks girl!

Dani Shapiro said...

You are adorable and so are these pants!

Katherine said...

Great goal to have, and those leggings are the cutest things ever! I'd definitely feel inspired to work out in those! Might have to pick up a pair for myself:)

❤ Katherine

Meg said...

looooove those leggings.  Super cute. 


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