{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Donna Summers


If you could pick a song to be the 
sountdrack to whatever it is you're doing TODAY, 
what would it be?
Mine would probably be this one, 
but it would be me being ultra dramatic, 
because me having to wake up a few hours before the sun rises
 in order to clean the store before someone very important 
comes in today, is really not at all as traumatic as this ladies 
apparently tragic life...
but seriously, that dance scene in her polyester 
matching two-piece dress was just wonderful. 
wonderful, i tell ya. 
Your turn!


Niken D. Rahayu said...

i should say Carpet Crawlers by Genesis. this song has been stuck in my head for couples of days. and i love it!

Rochelle said...

Skip the charades- Cold War Kids. Everyone give them a listen. They always make my day :) 

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