{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Mad for Plaid...


and stripes, and leopard-print, and moccasins, and colored pants, I'm just mad for fashion and experimenting.
Anyway, while we were away at the ranch this week I was talking to Marcus about where he sees our lives in 5 years.
Have you ever done that question with your significant other? It's one of those generic questions that can actually be quite enlightening.
I was glad to hear that we were pretty much on the same page with where our lives are headed. While thinking about the future in a sort of confined time frame can be fun and exciting, it can also be rather scary.
Marcus has graduated with an associates in nursing and is currently working on his bachelors, but sometimes he has doubts on whether or not that's what he really wants to be doing forever. Sometimes I think I want to go back to school and study something completely different than what I graduated in, mostly just because I loved being is school. University is full of great ideas and a wonderful amount of diversity that I thrive on. Obviously there are some things we're still unsure of, but here are a few things we both feel pretty confident about happening five years from now:
1. Starting to think about or about to move away from Arizona (at least for a bit). Hawaii, perhaps?
2. One or two nuggets to chase around and make us laugh.
3. Traveled outside of the country together at least once.
4. Clear minds about career decisions that will bring satisfaction and security.
5. Master Argentine Tango dancers.
6. Still happy and in love.
What do you think? Sound reasonable enough?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 Softslap winner announced here.
The Breakdown:
Plaid Button-Up: J.Crew (that splurge I mentioned here)
Blush Capris: J.Crew Sale (extra 30% right now)
Striped Sweater: J.Crew Factory
Leopard Belt: Forever21
Bangle Necklace: Forever21 (similar here)
Gold Watch: c/o Mimi's the Look (10% off here)
Bambi Moccasins (with bows removed): BigBuddha--sent to me from Danielle of Sometimes Sweet
(Have I ever told you all how much I love Dani? She's one of my favorite virtual friends and you should probably go over to her blog and check it out.)


icleanyourteeth said...

super adorable post. I love doing this with my hubby! sounds like you have an amazing future planned. have  a great weekend.



Rachel B-S. said...

This is a fun conversation to have and the best part? It changes every year! We talk about this a lot and it's funny how things change. Your priorities change, values change, you learn what's important, etc. It all boils down to the fact (in my opinion anyway) that we're not in control of what happens and there is a bigger plan for us! It's fun to think about the future but also fun to be open to whatever and wherever He has in store for you. If you move to Hawaii.. can I come? ;) Also, I know Marcus is in bad, right? Does he want to pursue that professionally? That is my husband's dream, he's a guitarist. -Rachel (adistinctstyle.blogspot.com)

Johanna said...

I'm afraid of the question "5 years from now" (or any similar) because where I want to be and where I think I will be are so different. I will probably be in school and I will hopefully have found something to major in. I wish I'll live abroad and that I'll have some fun and be more alive than now. 
I really hope you're hopes come true. Also, I'm so happy to find I'm not the only one in the world who likes school. It's so good for the soul to learn.

Anna said...

ohhhhh. i love the outfit.
and i think about that question all the time. i think its healthy to try and plan for the future even if it doesn't always work out. where do i want to be in five years? married and selling the books that i write!

Nicole Helak said...

I think today is a great day for colored pants.... Im wearing red ones today.
I'm finally going to get married in 5 years.

Kassie Rew said...

Great outfit! Love it all!

Emilyhavibaker said...

Gah!! L-O-V-E this outfit!!!

Lauren Brimley said...

Those moccasins are brilliant!

Karen said...

Love the outfit.
Such a good reminder for me to think where I want to be in five years. Ideally I'd be graduated from MA Musical Theatre in Performance at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and working steadily both in the UK and back home in Belgium or Holland.
Further than that I haven't thought yet. Maybe I should.

Rachel Luke said...

Ahhhhhh. I LOVE the different mix in your outfit! So different but put together! Only you could pull it off.

taylor yves said...

we have this talk every once in a while, like serious-decision-making-talk, not passing-through-the-kitchen-talk. i love hearing what my husband is hoping for :)

Dani Shapiro said...

You're adorable. Seriously, this outfit makes me so happy.

Your five-year plan sounds fabulous. In 5 years, I hope to feel as happy in a relationship as you & Marcus seem to be! :)

Stephanie Hart said...

I laughed when you used the word "nugget" - I thought I was the only one who used that. :) I have a habit of coming up with weird nicknames for children and puppies but "sweet nugget" is my favorite!

Ashley Sloan said...

You are so cute! I love that striped top and the necklace! Adorable!! Yes, sometimes I miss school at BYU and just being in school...but I don't miss the homework haha. In 5 years I'll have kids that is for sure, and that is about all I know. MOVE TO COLORADO! It is great here :)

Liesl said...

Such a pretty look on you and I like the way you used some plaid that is so in right now...a wonderful way to incorporate it!

Liesl :)

arielle said...

In 5 years I hope to be living near the Oregon coast, with an adult tricycle and too many cats. And I'm not even kidding :)


Megan Robinson said...

I love that outfit so so much!  and I love your answers to the 5 years question. I should play that game with my husband! 

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