A Very Happy Unbirthday to Me.


Since today is my half-birthday, I have the right to show you a few of my treasure, don't you think?
As we were packing up last month, I found this. 
Marcus made it for me for my last birthday.
You DO remember when I had that terrible stye don't you (see line 2)?
Check it out for a good laugh. 
We spent my 22nd in Arizona, and my gift was in Idaho, so I got this gem a little late--meaning you never got to see it:
why yes, that is a custom made unicorn leather duffel bag.
Commissioned by Marcus, made by our dear friend Mckay.
I love it and use it often.

Do you celebrate your half-birthday?
I got the idea from her.
wish she was here to spend it with me...
Anyways, I hope you eat a big piece of cake in my behalf :)


JanaLee said...

I have a friend and she celebrates big on half birthdays instead of on the birthday.  Her family eats only half a cake so make sure you only eat half a cake or half a slice of cake.;)

jessica.wolfe1 said...

I've been celebrating my half birthday for as long as I can remember! Mine is in two days!  Happy half birthday! 

Kenzie said...

 Today is my actual birthday! So we can celebrate together. 

Conny Ramirez said...

 Happy half birthday to you!! hope you don't get anything like that for this years birthday!

li-sha said...

 of course i celebrate my half birthday! i celebrate anything that has to do with the 29th day in any month! not to mention that i celebrate my birthday month... which is next month:) 

Celeste Alphabetsoup said...

 Marcus is such a sweetheart! He and Miles were some of my favorites of James' friends :] 

haha and im glad you had a wonderful half birthday girly!

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Malin said...

 I celebrate my half-birthday too! Mainly because it's a friend's whole-birthday though!
That poem is the cutest thing ever - your boy is a great catch! ;)

kikicbrownee said...

I usually celebrate mine or at least do something to acknowledge it haha. And Marcus is just too great! You are so lucky to have him. :) Where did he get the unicorn bag, do you know?
P.S. thanks so much for the comment on my blog! You are too nice! :)

jenni austria germany said...

omgosh. the stye is so scary.  i cannot handle the stye.

Hayley said...

happy half-birthday!(: 

Irene Navajas said...

no, i don't celebrate my half-birthday because anyway on 5th may, though i'm not catholic anymore, my family still celebrates my saint day so i get to go out and people call me =)

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