Someday. Sunday.


For me, Sunday is a Sabbath day.
It's a day I spend in worship and it's a day I spend with my family.

Marcus and I have been trying to find ways to make the most of our sabbath days.
You know, to have the spirit of the sabbath with us.
We have a new goal to serve at least one person in a way that we wouldn't normally do every Sunday.
I also have a goal to do something that will help develop my talents. 

Today I may make another dreamcatcher. 
This was my first one--which was a inspiration child of this DIY link.
I love it so much, but it's a little crooked.
Perhap take-two will be a little more centered.
pheasant feathers from my nephew.
Then maybe I'll give it to someone--perhaps that can be my service...
I can be one tricky devil sometimes.

What do you do that makes Sundays special?


Celeste Alphabetsoup said...

i love sundays :]

i used to alawys watch old disney movies while all my family were taking their sunday naps haha.

AlphabetSoup Style 

Aubrey Chevrier said...

 I think your dream catcher is beautiful!

Erin Archer said...

 I love sundays too. Your ream catcher looks wonderful!

Natasha St John said...

I love your dreamcatcher! What a cute thing to make!

AmandaB. said...

 Work! I work every other sunday. I'm a nurse.

Autie said...

 We head to the early (9 am) service at our church, then spend the rest of the day together as a family.  It's a really nice way to collect our thoughts before zooming off into the next week!

Lara Jean said...

 It's true, I love your blog. I can't believe you are able to make those! That takes some serious talent missus!

Sarai said...

One time I tried making dreamcatcher surprisingly was not too difficult. But I think I could make them much better haha. I'll post the results when I actually get around to attempting them again :) 

Autumn said...

We try to figure out how to help friends or make friends too.  We just volunteered to go help a family with a new baby paint the rest of the rooms in their house.  I'm pretty pumped :)

giveaway :)

Irene Navajas said...

what a good idea, a dreamcatcher!
sundays for me are different every week, depending on what i have to do on monday or the plans i get. yesterday i went to the beach with some friends. but mostly, i stay at home or get to the centre for a coffee with friends

Rosie posy said...

 oh the dreamcatcher is so beautiful!
for me sunday evenings are always spent going to church and then having a big family meal. i like your idea to serve at least one person in a way you wouldn't normally do on a sunday...might try this myself

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