Walkin' On the Moon


I am in my beloved hometown--Mesa, Arizona. 
The weather is something from a storybook--60 degrees and sunny. 
In Rexburg, today, the high was 4 degrees. 
That's right, the high! 
Man, I love being home for the holidays. 

Everyday in AZ we've been busy with photo-shoots and we're saving our earnings for Christmas presents!
On one of our location scouting trips, we pulled over to an abandoned wash. 
After hiking down, Marcus started snapping some pictures of me...then we heard someone. Yelling.
I saw him first. It was a cop from the Salt River Department. Apparently, we were trespassingand would make 
"easy pickin's for some bad guy to come down and kill us." 
Wow! Who knew? 
Anyway, he said since we had "innocent intent" he would just give us a warning.
Then he fell. Ha! 
Sorry, that was mean.
Thanks officer, for not being a meany.
Want to know what I'm hiding 
under those Ray-Bans?
No, no, no, I'm not a domestic violence victim! It's that darn birthday sty. It's almost gone though :)
Hahaha I've been tempted to wear a 
pirate patch all week.

Do You Have Any Good 
Cops Stories???
(please keep in mind that my brother is a police officer, so don't bash too bad)


Brooke said...

I don't have any good cop stories, but I've had my share of sty's SO ANNOYING!!! I hope it goes away soon! A warm washcloth on your eye for like 15 or 20 minutes a day should get rid of it :D

Kara said...

One time, one of the cops that I know was charging into a building, gun drawn to catch a robber who was hiding inside. As he ran in the door on the right, the bad guy exited the door to his left. The silly cop didn't even see him run out! Don't worry, the Sargent caught him.

Diana Smith said...

aww your poor eye!! i am sorry. When i was like 8 years old I got 'pulled over' on my bike for not wearing a helmet and I ended up giving the officer a lead to a guy breaking into a house! I saved the day! I have never been pulled over since!

Olivia.Dee said...

i once got out of a "california roll" ticket by giving the officer the dozen donuts i had on the passenger seat. talk about a stereotype :]

Melissa Thornton said...

I got pulled over riding a motorized scooter wearing a bucket helmet with pink flames and ended up having to push the scooter home because I didn't have my motorcycle license. The best part is that I race motorcycles, but just don't have my motorcycle endorsement. I was in my neighborhood so it wasn't that bad!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

those 1st two pics are amazing!

Autumn Lynn said...

I was pulled over for drunk driving on the way home from family home evening once.....I was obviously not drunk. The young man I was with completely got patted down and checked and then they made me walk the line to make sure I wasn't drunk. I was nervous so I didn't realize the cop still had my insurance card....so he followed on our bumped the whole way to my house.

I went to work the next day and a couple of my fellow employees had seen me walking the line and announced it in a staff meeting. (This was when I was not going to BYU- but another school.)

Hope the sty gets better!

Lynn said...

oh my gosh, this is totally crackin' me up! LOVE, can i hear a another??!! LOVE! this post and your eye sty collage. brilliant and the photos of you on the rock bed, well...ROCK!

stoked to find your blog. hmmm, since i don't drive my only cop story is pretty lame/minimal but i did get a ticket once for jay-walking. is that really a crime? guess so- i kinda did the puppy head tilt, "Huh?"

bloggirl1019 said...

great pic of harry. and you're pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

Because you're from Mesa, you probably know that alot of AZ cities have curfews for kids under 18. I got pulled over when I was a month away from turning 18, for being out past midnight. I had to pay a 50 dollar fine, do community service, and take a drug and alcohol class (not sure why because I never did drugs or drank alochol). and guess what...It was 12:05 when I got pulled over and across the street from my house! hahah that particular cop obviously had nothing better to do

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