{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: April Showers


See that little smirk on my face?
Maybe it's there because when I took these pictures, I subconsciously knew that when YOU saw them, I wouldn't be fighting wind, rain, or cold, 
but rather I'd be soaking up the 83 degree weather that is Laguna Beach.
Or maybe Marcus just said something coy. 
But today, let's say it was the former...
So, please celebrate warmth with me today, and do something outdoors.
K, love you, but the beach is calling my name!
Aaaashhhhlllleeeeeey.....do you hear it?

The Breakdown:
Yellow Umbrella: Vintage $9
Blue Boyfriend Cardi: Target Sale $4
Green Bangle Necklace: Forever21 $7
Navy Striped Shirt: H&M $12
Red Skinny Belt: Forever21 $3
Khaki Chinos: Forever21 $20
Yellow Flats: GAP $30

p.s. the cupcake stand giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow, so make sure and enter if you haven't already!


Liesl said...

It is a dark, cloudy, rain on the way day in NYC too! Hopefully the weather in CA will be nice when I get back...looks like it is now, but cooler weather is on the way, at least for LA! Love your yellow umbrella and I hope you enjoy your weekend despite the showers! :)

Liesl :)

Irene Navajas said...

I'd do anything for the rain to come earlier... they announced rain for next week and today is suffocating... :(
enjoy the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jenni austria germany said...

love the hair, love the outfit, love the girl.
what's not to love...

Gentrilee said...

I love your hair!!! A lot! Luckily it's supposed to be warm-ish and sunny today. SO hopefuly I can do something outside. :)

angela hardison said...

perfect classic outfit and color scheme. have fun at the beach! i'm not really jealous because i don't like the beach. but california does sound nice...

Cassandra Nafziger said...

i love these shoes!!

Chloe_rushworth said...

Those shoes are so so cute.

C x
Have you guys checked out my giveaway yet?

Natalie said...

Love the triple buns! Impressive style

Moniquezuman said...

That necklace is sooooooooo pretty! I want it! haha

Monique xx


Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with those chinos.

mysoulisthesky said...

love love this outfit. your boyfriend sweater, flats, and belt are such a great addition to this outfit.

goodframeofmind said...

Love this casual look, and you've mastered that darling hairstyle!

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