{Top Five} Friday Featuring Jenny Thomas, Nail Guru


Hey Ya'll!
I'm on my way to sunny California, so I asked one of my very best friends, Jenny, to fill in for me. She's studying graphic design and definitely knows her colors. 
That's why I had her choose her {top five} must have hues for every occasion.
Hello there unicorn believers! So I am here guest posting for Ashley. It is the very first time I've done this. So I am a little nervous. I wouldn't say I am a Nail Guru but I am definitely a big time nail polish enthusiast! This year I had the goal to do my nails every week. And now that classes are starting and I am working   at the same time it seems a little impossible but I have only missed one week so far! 

So like Ashley said I am going to give you my {top five} must have hues, and here they are:

1. Everyone needs a dark nail polish. It could be black, or a dark brown or in this case a really dark chocolaty red. Wicked by Essie follow the link to my post about it. And I just love dark nail polish with really short nails. :)

2. Glitter! Another must have is a 'party in a bottle' nail polish. The example I have in the picture will make you smile in the gloomiest of days. The one I have on is called Gems by Milani (or as my husband likes to call it 'unicorn sneeze') which is a dupe for the original Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippmann.

3. Red! Classic and timeless you can't go wrong with  red. I prefer the true red. But you gotta have some sort of red. The one above is A-List by Essie (can you tell I love Essie?) and Ashley has told me about another really good one by Essie called Fishnet Stockings. (also beautiful with really short nails.)

4. Nude/light/neutral here is why I like this category: clean, versatile and when it chips you can barely tell! The one you see above is in my top 5 favorite nail polishes ever. It is a brazilian nail polish (gift) called Chic Pele by Colorama but I believe that Essie's Boy Best Friend or Sand of a Beach are pretty similar.

5. And last but not least a 'unique' color. Choose one that will be your 'signature' color! Turquoise, coral, teal, mint. Find the one that you love! The one I have above is called For Audrey by China Glaze (Tiffany Blue). 

So there you go ladies. If you have these 5, you are good to go! ;) A lot of my friends tell me they can't do their nails so why would they buy it? But that's how I started. Just watch some videos on YouTube, get informed! Its a lot more affordable this way and it makes a wonderful girls night activity (Ashley and I had many of these!)
So what are YOUR must-haves? 


Dear AZ, take good care of Marcus and Ashley. Or else...


Cassandra Nafziger said...

I always have my nails painted--as soon as they begin to chip I do my nails again. I haven't had much time lately though...I feel weird without my nails painted! I never go without painting my toe nails though--toes are weird looking without color!

Stephanieandsuch said...

I have yet to try ESSIE nail Polish!!
Thanks for the tip!


Christy said...

I do love Essie! Lately I've been obsessed with the new China Glaze crackle polish, too. It's pretty fancy.

Here's an picture of the pink crackle on black, from my blog:

Annie said...

hahahahaha unicorn sneeze. I LOVE nail polish. I'll have to try some of these!

Amy said...

These are awesome tips and awesome colors! I want to run out and get all of them. They are all so fun for spring and summer!

amy day to day

Gentrilee said...

I LOVE nailpolish!! Too much. Essie is the best. It lasts forever before it starts chipping. In fact! I have my newest Essie purchase sitting right here and I'm ready to redo my nails. :) Yay! Haha! I can't believe I don't have a really dark nail color or a glittery one. Guess I DO need to go to Walmart today.

Caitlin said...

I'm obsessed with Essie nail polish! I just bought muchi, muchi and it's the perfect light pink for spring.

audrey said...

:) and off I go to duane reade to buy my essie essentials

girluntitled said...

you have nice-shapely nails!

Alex said...

Jenny you are just the cutest. Come do my nails please!


Cheri Peacock said...

I agree with many of these! My favorite colors are: Times Square Red (NYC -- really cheap @ Walmart and not too bad. It's a bright red), teal, and dark purple. I also love a soft pink/nude color.

ashleyTIA said...

Love all your choices! My favorites include: Deborah Lippman's Across the Universe and OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark. Lately I've been wearing Essie's Van D'Go and just picked up some new Butter polishes to try! :)

Rachel Dell said...

i'm pretty sure i have ALL those colors (well mint is my turquoise but i'm working on it). definitely a girl after my own heart. ah i could go on and on about nail polish. such fun stuff! i'm so glad color is back in on nails. i feel like it wasn't for so long and now we can wear whatever we want (within beautiful reason i guess).

Olivia Ramirez said...

i need to work on the glitter and the red! i have way too many "fun" colors and should probably hone in on one. it would save me the hassle of contemplating my newest nail color purchase!

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