Giveaway Winner!


Hey readers! 
I'm still here in Laguna Beach and my eyes are still popping out of my head at the vegetation. 

Being in California reminds me why I chose to get married here. 
It's so so so beautiful and the smile on my face won't leave. Now I'm not sure if I'll leave...
Now on to the business:
The winner of THIS fantastic giveaway is...
Andrea of Pics-O-Andrea!

Make sure to email me at ashleyanielson {at} gmail {dot} com
 with your contact info so I can pass it on to the sponsor :)

Happy Sabbath!


Liesl said...

Congrats to the winner!!!

Liesl :)

Lena Baird said...

OOoh! Congrats to Andrea! What a sweet prize! :)

paige said...

OMG, too funny!

Candace Stevenson said...

I know her! hahah aka sister in law :) now she can share it with me. woo!!

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