Day One//The Fox House Nashville


While marcus checked out vintage guitars in this shop, i got to demonstrate my rotating orbit stroller + carseat to a couple passerbyers. Seriously, everyone we passed stopped to have a little chat. I love the folks in Tennessee!
For years we've been hearing the shouted praises of Nashville. We've had no less than 18 different people tell us we'd love it there, when discussing places that might be a good fit for our family. With such high praises, we were both a little skeptical it could measure up to it's shining reputation. But, we, of course, needed to give it a chance!

I got on airBNB to see if there were any cool places to stay. When checking out a place to potentially move to, I find it best to go the airBNB route, because it's usually how people actually live! Or at least, WHERE people actually live. Plus, you have the bonus of having an instant 'in' with some locals. For some reason The Fox House treehouse didn't come up for me in my searches, but when Marcus got to the computer and showed me this gem, it was a done deal! We HAD to stay in this dreamy treehouse!

They had an opening, but only for one of the two days we'd be in Nashville, but, I mean LOOK at this place! We took what we could get!

After a successful first flight with Simon, we pulled into the city and grabbed a delicious meal at Arnold's per our host's recommendations. It was our first "meat and three" experience and it will not be soon forgotten. When it was my turn in line and I told them I didn't know how to order, the lady in front of me, said in her sweetest southern accent, "Ahhh that's so cute, she's never had a meat'n three before!" I about melted from sheer joy of hearing her speak.

Not only was the food so so good, but the workers there were just the best people on earth. I already understood why people had such nice things to say about Nashville.

After some exploring of the streets, we headed to our airBNB. There's a good chance I screamed when we pulled up the wooded road to our place. It was just as cute as in the pictures and maybe even cuter because there were flowers strung on the porch to greet us! Our hosts Emily and Sloan are both very artistic people. He builds and restores vintage windows and she paints and creates all sorts of beautiful things (one of her murals is on the floor of the treehouse! and more of her work here!). Their love of beauty and nature is apparent on every speck of their property.

We felt like we were on sacred ground and yet somehow right at home when we entered the treehouse. I told Marcus that I didn't need to see anything else in Nashville. I wanted to spend all our time there, in the treehouse in the woods. Of course, hunger changed that plan fairly quickly. After getting settled, we went out to get pizza at DeSano, another recommended spot. It was pretty good, but we really just need to learn that Arizona does the best pizza in all the land and no one has ever been able to top it, so we should probably just stop trying.

Back to the treehouse to bed down. It was the most exciting night ever. I felt like a little giddy girl as we lay there, all three of us snuggled close in the bed, sharing the trees with the squirrels and falling asleep to the sound of the forest.


Ashley Fastle said...

This treehouse is way too gorgeous! So fun!

paige / house of ginger said...

gah! I can finally comment! what a beautiful place... I've always loved the idea of living in a tree house. and what a great adventure for the little man!

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