Our Stay in the Enchanted Farm Yurt


I decided to just go ahead and work backwards, because for whatever reason I blogged this first:

We ended our Tour of the Upper-South on the highest of highs. Truly, our stay in Anna's Yurt through airBNB could not have exceeded our expectations any more than it did. The weather was cold and drizzly--perfect for bundling up by the wood-burning stove (which Marcus was all too thrilled to start up) while sipping hot camomile tea and honey--which we truly appreciated (most airbnb's we've stayed at just offer coffee, which we don't drink).

The rain waned for long enough periods for us to get out and explore the insanely enchanted hills, visit the animals and take some colorful photos in the perfectly overcast light. Both of our jaws were just dropped open as we hiked the hill country and got sight of the land before us. We both felt like we had been dropped in the middle of Europe somewhere--how was some place this beautiful in our very own country and we didn't even know!? What the HECK were we doing in the deserts of Arizona?! Did Anna, our host, KNOW HOW INSANE THIS BEAUTY WAS?!

As we came up the sheep's hill, they all turned and looked at us and then came running toward us in excitement! It was a magical moment we will never forget and once again, we were asking ourselves, "Were we in Scotland?" "Why don't we have sheep?" "What are we doing with our lives!?" And many other "!?" questions.

When you're absolutely surrounded by LIFE, you FEEL more ALIVE. That is truth. It is the truest of truths to Marcus and I. We were both nearly in tears when we felt it. We felt really, really alive and we knew, even with all the hard work that is involved, that is what is going to fill our lives with life. We had to find a way to make this life a reality for our family. It was exciting--it is exciting. Thank you Anna, for confirming that truth. We love you for it.

If you ever want to experience this magic, visit Anna's farm in North Carolina. Stay in her charming yurt. There is no way on earth you will regret it.
breakfast on the porch
One of the most beautiful views I've ever seen--and I've seen a lot of beautiful views!
Simon thought the horses were cool and a little scary--haha
Simon spotting the sheep
visiting the pond in our ergobaby 360
Reading Anna's story of how she came to live on this farm and own this yurt
waking up to the bamboo plants blowing back and forth in a giant ceiling window is my new favorite way to wake up!


Maggie Hatch said...

Ummm is this for real?! That looks magical! They have different colored leaves?!

Ashley Fastle said...

this is AMAZING. I would have just stayed there forever.
- Ashley

Beverly Houpt said...

Staaaaaaaahp it!!
Those leaves. Autumn wonderland.

Candace Groberg said...

That place looks completely magical! I can see why it's your dream - It's a good dream to have.

Anne Hill said...

i love yurts! this place looks magical!

Alissa Mitchell said...


Alicia Snow said...

I want to go to there.

But seriously, that looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

I showed this to my mom who is an artist. She was like, "I am going there."!!!
My husband and I want to too. So this spring, we are going. Thanks for the recommendation.

Veronica said...

This is incredible! Your whole trip looks amazing! So happy for you! I totally connect to the feeling ALIVE!!!

Anna Woodruff said...

I can't believe I'm only now checking this out! (The only downside to farming and yurting is lack of computer time, I suppose). You've done the farm and yurt BEYOND justice! Thank YOU! In your words, "when you're absolutely surrounded by LIFE, you feel more ALIVE" is so true. Cheer to LIFE! Hope you are all well. Simon is picture perfect. I had some guests come stay who found out about the yurt from your blog, so I owe you a FREE weekend! Best, Anna

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