Lunch Dates 4 Your Sanity.


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Several months ago now, Marcus' sister, Alice, insisted on babysitting Simon for us...we didn't resist to much :). Simon was 4-months-old and we had only been on one other date without him (2 months prior). I remember thinking we weren't gonna be that couple, we were definitely going to get babysitters every week and go on regular date nights, but parenthood quickly makes you learn, YOU ARE GOING TO BE THAT COUPLE for a lot of different things. So, word to the wise, just don't ever say, "I'll never..." because, you just might.

It's weird, it was one of those things that we didn't really realize we needed until we actually did it. While it was hard taking Simon with us when we went out to dinner, we also loved him so much that we liked being with him, so it didn't feel like a burden. But let me tell you, going out with just the two of us again--IT WAS GLORIOUS! We held hands in the car (instead of trying to dangle toys over a screaming baby's head the whole drive). We hugged and made-out in the parking lot (Oh yeah, we did!) and we just about cried doing it because it felt like we hadn't just plain old hugged without a baby in one of our arms in a lonnnnng time! It was just a lunch date at Culinary Dropout, another Fox Concept Restaurant that we love (I'm starting to feel like they should sponsor me, given all the plugs I give them...). Marcus had the Pastrami Sandwich and I always get their pretzel fondu...mmmm! We talked and ate our meals at the same time as each other (something you don't get to do with a high-needs baby at the dinner table). It was so refreshing. I know it's important to foster the marriage relationship, and it's something we're going to work on making more of a priority for sure!

Dates FTW! I like my Marcus.


Taylor Yves said...

I've never heard you call Simon high needs before. What does that mean?

Alicia Snow said...

We're the worst about going on dates just the two of us. It's definitely something that has to be a priority.
PS - I love love love your new blog design.

Miss Morgan said...

Culinary Dropout is the absolute best! I live in Utah and I HAVE to go there anytime I visit AZ.

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