Let Me Be Your Witch Doctor


Not long ago, I used to tease Marcus about how cautious {read: paranoid} he was about safety, not just safety as in not doing obviously dangerous things like jumping off cliffs or riding on motorcycles, but smaller things, like using a seasoning that might have MSGs, holding the phone to your ear, or getting X-Rays at the dentist. He was raised with a mother that made him ultra aware of these types of dangers, and I was raised with almost the complete opposite of a mother, who basically believed bad things only happened to you if they were supposed to happen to you, so no need to stress too much.

But a funny thing happened to me.

Last year, I got pregnant.

I had just found out and we hadn't told anyone yet. I was at my mom's house microwaving a bowl of soup. The time was almost up, so I walked over to the door, getting ready to open it up once it beeped and suddenly I was sure the waves were pulsing straight into my belly, radiating my tiny fetus. I quickly jumped back from the microwave and waited til it had beeped and cooled before I could convince myself I was being crazy (but not totally convince myself, as I have avoided standing by microwaves ever since! HA). Since that experience, I find myself somewhere in the middle of my two mother's beliefs, as I don't think it's healthy physically or emotionally to spend too much of your life stressing about every little thing that could cause your body some bit of harm, but I also believe we have a responsibility to take care of our bodies and learn the things we need to be able do so.
Pregnancy/the discovery of the coolest/most eye-opening app called Think Dirty, led me to set a goal of a toxin-free home. At first I felt overwhelmed--making meals was hard enough with a new baby, now I was going to be making soaps, deodorants, cleaning supplies, etc....but I will say, my career aspiration as a child was to become a Witch Doctor when I grew up, so this was kinda in line with that. YAY!

As I started looking up recipes and deciding what were the most important things to go, I realized, most of these things only took a few minutes to whip up! Most of the supplies could be ordered on Amazon (thank you Prime!) And most of them worked awesome (and looked way prettier too!). Plus, news flash! I'm not the only one who desires to live this way, so there are lots of small businesses you can support, if you don't want to do it yourself!

Something I haven't branched out in trying to make myself, is facial products (although I think it would be fun, and hope to experiment with in the future). But I found Klurskin on IG and I just had to give them a try. They're products are 100% natural, organic, with no artificial fragrances (but they smell so FREAKING GOOD! like a lemon dessert!) I tried several of Klurskin products, but my absolute favorites were the Organic Fusion Radiance Oil and the Hyaluronic + Vitamin C Serum. They give you the perfect dewy glow under your makeup and have cured me of that pesky flaky skin I always had around my nose, plus you only use a few drops, so they last for quite some time! The woman behind the brand is a total GirlBoss from LA and I love supporting her as she lives her dream, but mostly I love that I'm respecting my body, by ridding it from chemicals and toxins!

I'll be sharing my favorite tried and true natural recipes and products on here from time to time. I hope it inspires you to take baby steps to a cleaner life. Feel free to Pin anything that looks interesting and share with me any great recipes/brand I should try out!

You can see some of my favorite recipes on Instagram under the hashtag #swapitoutsaturday


Candace Groberg said...

I agree with you! I think it's important to be aware of the harmful chemicals that we come in contact with, but there is a fine line between awareness and fearfulness. It's important to find the balance when trying to make this lifestyle change.
I'm excited to read more about what natural products and recipes you've been using or creating!

Livia Rachelle said...

I would love to know your natural/organic make-up options. Right now I find Cowgirl dirt the best for my budget, but I was literally searching for more options just moments before I realized I had not read your blog in a while.

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