Bag o' Tricks


So, here's the thing: Being a stay at home mom is hard. There are all sorts of things you said you wouldn't do or think before you were a mom that you're probably going to do or think when you actually become a mom. 

Like, it's Crazytown. 

I remember when my sister had her baby, we'd ask her to go out to dinner with us or take a daytrip to the mountains and she'd rarely make it happen, using baby J as her excuse. I always thought, "She just must not really want to go...surely taking a baby along can't be that hard, I mean, have you seen how little those guys are?" But now that I'm a mom, I UNDERSTAND! 

Nothing is like it used to be and when getting yourself and your baby to the grocery store makes you feel like you should be given a gold medal of achievement, I now understand why a 'daytrip to the mountains' seemed an impossible feat. 

Sometimes it can drive you a little crazy, but the key is to find your tricks--because ain't nobody got time for a grouchy, coopted up mama--especially the mama!

For me, I have to get out of the house everyday. It can be as simple as going a few blocks over to my parents and playing fetch with Poppy in the backyard. I'm not much of a talker and my mom's not much of a babysitter (since she already had 8 kids of her own, she's kinda over it, I guess), so I'm still on full-time mom mode when I'm there, but at least there are other human speaking creatures around... and at least I got out of my bed.

My favorite days are Marcus' days off. He's been really good about humoring me with little family outings lately. Thank goodness he recognizes how hard it is for me, knowing I'm one who loved having a full list of 'to-do's' everyday and prided myself in checking them all off, now giving all my minutes to our baby and never getting any of my to-do's checked. These family outings make me feel rejuvenated and accomplished, plus I love seeing us a family of three! Simon is so much happier when we get out and are among crowds, or maybe it's just that he loves being worn close to mama all day and snoozing! 

Baby-wearing is another one of my "tricks." Simon is SO content when he's in the ergobaby wrap. If he's fussing in Marcus' arms or in the stroller, I wrap him up and he almost immediately calms down and then falls asleep. It's such a secure feeling and likely reminds him of being in the womb. It's a relief for me, knowing I always have that up my sleeve! Plus it's a fun conversation starter. People are always asking me about or telling me how much they love seeing people babywearing (learn about the benefits here). Adult conversations AND compliments? I'll take it :)

The last 'trick' I've discovered, so far, is making sure I get at least a few minutes of 'me time.' 

As a mom, you literally have NO alone time, I'm talking baby in the Bobby on the bathroom floor at times. Then there's the pup and the husband that want some attention too. So every night I pass Simon off for some daddy time and I go downstairs and clean--sounds super fun, right? But I'm telling you, it's the best. I'm alone and when Simon cries, I know there's someone else to attend to him, and I'm getting something done that I can see, and as strange as it sounds, it is like a little slice of heaven in my day! Haha #momlife

But guys, here's the moral of all this--even though Marcus' day's off have become as exciting as Disneyland, I finally lost my giant prego belly, just to basically put it back on everyday in the form of babywearing, cleaning up my house each night is my idea of heaven, and I've been pooped on twice this week, this is still somehow the best thing I've ever done and the most satisfied I've been in my life. 

Now that's Crazytown. 

And that's Motherhood.
Simon's first trip to the Phoenix Zoo

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Laynah said...

Aw he's getting to be such a little chunker! I'm sure its a hard transition but then theres zoo trips like this that make it worth it haha! It looks like such a perfect day - I can't wait to babywear around town :)

Fairy Princess Jord said...

Motherhood is CRAZY TOWN! I'm not a mom yet but I am a full time nanny for twin infants and that alone is insanity, I can't imagine not being able to go home to my own quiet bed after 11 hours with them. Cheers to you and how gracefully you are handling being a mom!

Leah Wise said...

I have to hand it to you for creating the best, most natural sponsored post in the history of sponsored posts (I'm serious).

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE his cheeks! :)

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

Thank you! It's true--parenthood definetly has it's ups and downs, but luckily the ups are more frequent and awesome than the downs :)

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

You're so sweet! And I'm sure all that practice will make you an awesome mom someday!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

:) thanks!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

He's pretty great! Can't wait to see your sweet girl!

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

Seriously motherhood is total crazytown! And I didn't baby wear till my third and I'm like how did I even get anything done all those years!!!
Simon is the cutest! You're the cutest mom!

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