As I mentioned before, we've been having weekly planning meetings and setting new little goals for ourselves to try and get into more of a productive routine. One of those new hopeful-routines is a nightly walk around the neighborhood with Poppy Reh. It's a new favorite of mine (and Poppy's too). The weather is just heavenly and last night we got out right in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We have citrus trees around us and they're heavy with orange blossoms. Just when I thought the stroll couldn't get any better, we rounded the corner and Poppy spotted my niece and nephew in the community park. Baby J and Poppy are best friends and make-out buddies, so they were both pretty excited to meet. 
It's such a nice way to cap off the day. I'm grateful for this new routine.
What's making you happy this Thursday?
PS: You can shop my closet on instagram @shoptheunicorn --things are going fast :)
<<what i wore>>
polka dot headscarf//vintage (similar here)
lip color//really red by covergirl (buy here)
on the mark arrow necklace//stella & dot (buy here)
arizona state necklace//nordstroms (buy similar here)
navy blue midi dress//asos (buy here)
petty booties//sam edelman (buy here)


Julia Paige said...

Sunset walks are the best!! And Poppy is so adorable! Looks like a lovely evening!

K&R said...

i love love love this dress. you look great.
i'm hoping with DST this weekend my husband and i can start doing some evening walks, i love going on walks, but they are more fun with someone else. however, walks in the dark (our street has no lights) with the husband not as fun as sunset walks. also i love poppy. lol.

Autumn said...

I saw these shoes and they reminded me of your old rainbow ones that you loved!:


Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

oh my goodness, those are awesome--i must add those to my summer wishlist--my poor beloved rainbow sandals have seen better days! thanks for thinking of me!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

DO IT! you'll be glad you did :)

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

thank you!

Irene said...

Last weekend I bought myself a super cheap H&M pendant that looks sooooo elegant and I can't wait to wear it today! :) and I'm happy because I finished my photo album for my Hong Kong experience (a year later!) :D

vivian said...

i love the idea of weekly planning meetings! also your new hair cut looks so good!

Sarah44 said...

You are perfection! I love your hair and dress!

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