Taking my happyness into my own hands.


As I mentioned in my last post, I've been in a little funk lately, I really appreciated to book and lecture suggestions--i listened to them and even ordered a book. I'm ready to take this head on and figure out how to feel more excited about this life I have (and don't worry about me, i'm not that bad, just want to feel happier).
As a part of that, i'm making a few changes in my day to day life--like cooking at home more, going to the gym more regularly, leaving my phone at home more often, and as a more exciting part of this change--i've decided to become a better seamstress. I grew up with a mother who could make it all--anything I could sketch out, she could create and to perfect fit. She's a bit of a perfectionist, so rather than let me do it (and do it wrong) she would generally just take over my sewing projects, and since I can be a little bit lazy (and i knew full well that if she did it, it would be a lot better) I would generally let her without a peep. So, although i can probably sew better than some, it's still not great.

But a friend of mine shared with me this super silly Simplicity Pattern video from the 1950s that is really corny and probably somewhat sexists if you looked even a little bit into it, but nonetheless, it accomplished it's goal of inspiring women to want to sew, at least for me. I'm putting this on the blog as a sort of accountability tactic. I'm going to go to the fabric store this week and my goal is to sew something this weekend--hoping it will get me feeling like my old self.
What are your tricks for feeling good?
Do you have any talents you'd like to explore deeper?
 <<what i wore>>
hat//free people sale (buy similar here $11)
'm' necklace//divas boutique in tempe (buy similar here $30)
turquoise necklace//forever21 (buy here $10)
leather belt//(old) j.crew
zella dress// free people (buy it here $88)
leather mexican purse//vintage (similar here)
gold bracelets//stylelately, vintage, a beautiful heart
sandals//(old) old navy (similar here $22)
hair//beach curl tutorial here


Hannah Solomon said...

You are so beautiful!!

Andrea said...

I feel pretty similar every once in a while -and for me, creativity is my outlet too. I always feel better when I stretch myself and begin creating again. I'm excited you've been inspired to sew. Can't wait to see the project you're working on this weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit!! That necklace is beautiful! :) I love being outside when I'm in a funk. Taking in the beautiful creation and getting away from the usual routine of the couch and tv. Also, throwing glitter & confetti and making it rain always helps too! ;)

Caroline Ray said...

I just keep having babies to feel good!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I'm excited to see what you come up with. Changing up my schedule/routine and spending more time exercising and eating healthier always helps me. Also rekindling old friendships and getting out of the house.

Families are Forever said...

I've found that connecting with people in person (verses through technology) helps bring me out of my funk. A friend of mine just stopped by. I invited her in, poured us something refreshing to drink, and sat at the kitchen table and chatted with her for an hour. Taking the time to truly connect with others feels so good!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

such a pretty dress! have you read the happiness project? lots of ways to improve life a little at a time. I think that's important too with as much stress as I take on.

Sarah44 said...

Exploring our talents is so important to our happiness. I know it is something I really need to focus more on.

Delightful Domestic Science said...

Being less self focused and self indulgent does wonders. What would you heavenly parents want for you right now? Ask them?

Family history, magnifying my calling, learning to meditate, study the scriptures and words of the prophets have all been promptings I've had.

Haleigh Barrett said...

The last photo of yourself is beautiful! I love your blonde ends too!

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