my happyness project.


This morning instead of waking up and checking emails, insta-notifications, and the like I started my morning off with a gratitude prayer. I remember doing this in college, but I admit, it's been a long time since I've done one.

As it may sound, it's prayer that you spend the whole time just being thankful for the things, opportunities and people you have in your life. It felt good, and because you don't want God to think you're not appreciative, you end up digging deep and thinking of all the little things you might not think of at first. It was a great way to start off the morning and aided in my goal of feeling more satisfied and happy. Once I was finished a few service ideas popped into my head and I'm excited to incorporate more of that into my life.

Later I went to mom's house to visit and get her suggestion on a pattern for something I'm sewing--I have a few projects in the works and plenty of people who read my post and are holding me accountable :) THANKS! I'm feeling better already!
What are you doing to feel happier today?

<<what i wore>>
fringe necklace//c.o. & ave (find here)
initial necklace//divas boutique in tempe (find similar here)
red checked blouse//madewell sale rack (find here or cheaper option here)
highway blues skinnies//nasty gal (find here or cheaper option here)
black oxfords//c.o. persunmall (find here)
watch//arvo (find here)
leopard purse//c.o. oasap (find here)
red lipstick//covergirl really red (find here)
hair//beach curl tutorial (watch here)


Marie said...

I think the gratitude effort is so important! A lovely outfit too- that helps.
Marie @
In Our Happy Place

Marla Fincher said...

I'm writing about happiness over on my blog I'm a Christian, too. I am trying to refocus on the important things, turn down the rest. :)

Rosie said...

My effort was to rescue a rather dehydrated frog from under the fridge. Totally unplanned, but saving him (he revived very quickly in a backyard puddle) made me happy.

Anonymous said...

I love your blouse and your necklace! Pretty pictures!
Later this day I'm going to read and write blogs to feel even happier!

Rosie said...

Ok, and this made me smile, and it also made me think of you. Or was it the other way around....

Kirsten Wiemer said...

that is so great! i'm glad you got your sewing on!
and a gratitude prayer, good idea for sure.
i've been meaning to work on the same thing, and i was thinking about busting out my camera around the house and going to do some thrifting.


Ashley @ BronsonBloopers said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful outfit!

Cora Noelle said...

I love you are doing gratitude prayers! That is such a wonderful idea! I've also been thinking allot on how to be happy and one thing that always works for me is John Bytheway's book 'How To Be Miserable.'

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