bluewater days.


another great reunion at the ranch this year! it's so beautiful up there and it's fun to be confined to one space with all your family--i'm lucky to be a part of two great families!
 it's normal to have a hula hoop at a ranch, right?
 poppy stalking lizards so intently didn't even notice my nephew, george, playing house on top of her back.
 this happened on accident--it was pretty great.
 poppy on top of the world.
i had a major crush on brad paisley when i was younger, and when i took this picture i was shocked by how much marcus looked like him in it!

 That time Stephanie high-jacked my camera.... ;)
 Campfire singing is always a highlight of the reunion:
nephew william having a father-son moment
 american gothic.
 how come it took me so long to learn the deliciousness of a s'more?! i want to eat them everyday!
ben and jamie-- my college friend turned niece! haha
the haslip family was cracking me up as we tried to get a 'normal' shot
 The annual fireworks show:
this wizard shot is just too cute.
Do you have a traditional family reunion? 
What do you do for it?


look a little closer said...

love these shots! looks like a lovely time! you and marcus are adorable. :) and poppy too!

K&R said...

love these pictures. poppy is so adorable. i love every picture of her.
looks like so much fun, i wish we had family reunions like this!


Kasando Bosco said...

Oh my goodness, that "American gothic" photo is GREAT! Looks like the ranch was a ton of fun =)

Irene said...

we don't have a family reunion except for Christmas! I think it's an American tradition or something, but we do get together during the summer at some point with more or less all the family, just not all together at the same time and place. looks so much fun to go and live in a ranch! I've never been in such a place before and would love to! also, never ate a smore before!!

Rosie said...

We no longer have a family reunion tradition - it kind of died with my dad. Until then, it was Boxing Day (day after Christmas) at my parent's house, Dad in a Santa hat, under the tree, handing out presents. When we were kids, it was a trip to his mum's house to get together with the extended family - even after we moved, that continued.

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