Yesterday I spent a good part of my day in a room with 12 new friends passing around a pipe and 13.5 grams of meth--it was a new experience for me, let me tell you.
Now before you get the wrong impression, I guess I should mention for the past several days I've been serving on a jury in criminal court. So the pipe and meth were evidence in our case...
The trial is over and we found the defendant guilty of possession of dangerous drugs for sale.
I was really excited to be called in and totally stoked to get selected--it was my first chance to serve on a jury and it was totally rad to see how it all works--what a cool responsibility we citizens get! I felt like Leslie Knope would be proud of me.
Anyways, that's what i've been up to--anyone else served on a jury? Any crazy stories? I'd love to hear!
p.s. how have i been living without a LBD? I can't stop wearing this thing!
<<what i wore>>
black & white striped blazer//c.o. oasap (buy it here on sale $34)
little black dress//c.o. persunmall (buy it here $38)
shorter gold necklace// emersonmade (buy similar here $18)
triangle necklace//style lately (buy similar here $12)
striped watch//!msm! (buy similar here $37)
black mini wedges//american eagle (buy here on sale $19)
hair//flat iron curls using my misikko flat iron


Mindy said...

I have concluded that because of my profession I will never be selected to be on a jury. I am a behaviorist, which means I study and analyze behavior. I don't think any defense team would want to work with that. :(

bashashhazbaz said...

you look amazing!

Kaylee Daily said...

Love that dress & necklaces! You look so pretty! :)

Emma Mag said...


Beverly Houpt said...

LOVE this look!
Also, I think I would love to be on a jury as well! Sounds exciting and important.

Angela said...

I served on a jury at the beginning of the year. Robbery. Not too exciting but I was really surprised by everyones initial opinions of not guilty. I hope that I am never selected for a juror in a murder case. That would just be horrible to sit through and see pics and evidence.

Irene said...

did you change you hair color again or is it the sunlight? you look pretty anywya!
i've never been called in and i don't know how i'd react because it is a big responsibility

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