the crazy dog lady takes it too far.


The ordering of this shirt was one of those times that I knew I was taking it too far, but I couldn't stop myself--i even reached out to my twitter community for help, but only got replies of encouragement (i.e. enabling). What I'm saying is, I'm not taking sole responsibility for this shirt that basically has a giant Poppy on it. So there.
In other news, have you tried nail stickers?! WO! I tried them for the first time Saturday and my mind is officially blown. You literally stick them on, file off the extra and ban! it's now day three and they're all holding on strong (which i more than i can say about regular nail polish).
Anyway, i picked them up at Walgreens for around $5.
Have you made any great beauty secret discoveries as of late? Do share sister-friend!
<<<outfit details>>>
necklace//super old forever21 (buy similar here)
doberman pincher t-shirt//c.o. oasap (buy it here)
dot cardi//super old forever21 (similar here)
belt//old j.crew (similar here)
striped watch// !m! (buy similar here)
bass harbor color block skirt//downeast (kind of dying to get the other color as well!) (buy here)
skull anklet//etsy (buy it here)
black wedges//last chance (similar here and here)


~M~ said...

My SIL uses those sticker things. I need to try them out because nail polish always chips within a day and gel manicures are expensive!

K&R said...

first of all, the shirt love it.
i've definitely maybe done something similar with cat things. i love cats and dogs, so its double trouble.
and the nail stickers, i've been wanting to try those, maybe i will today!


Mickelle McCrory said...

haha i love the shirt! and you're whole outfit. Don't worry, you haven't taken it too far yet.

Natasha Trunova said...

LOVE love love this look!!!!!
Looks fresh and comfy =)))

Kayde said...

I love your shirt!!! I have a doberman and I immediately bought the shirt once I saw it. Love how you styled the whole outfit.

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