mothers are amazing creatures.


last week i drove up to utah with my sister-in-law, reachel, to help her with the three kids (all three and under).

by the time we got to tuba city (about 4 hours in) i smelled of soggy goldfish, spilled breast milk, apple juice, and diaper.

a few more hours earned me a badge of spit-up and a narrowly escaped toddler blow-out. i retrieved thrown toys, lost sippies, and fallen crayons at least three dozen times and a drive that usually takes 10 hours took an astounding 15! Let me tell you, that Burger King Play Place at the half way mark never looked so good!

if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know how much i adore those bagley kids.
i love them as much as i know how to love.
but by the end of that drive i was exhausted.
and then i looked over at the mother of those three little cherubs,
and she looked as cool and refined as julie andrews or ms. hepburn herself--today seemed to be just another day to her, like any other.
and i loved her a little more.

how do mother's become so self-less, to give-up their time, comfort and convenience for such a huge block of their lives? this is something i am trying to learn. anyone have the answer?


Marilyn said...

You've probably heard it before, but it happens one day at a time. Pregnancy seems forever when it's you that's carrying but that time prepares you for a baby which prepares you for a toddler and so on. Im my best mom-self when I think about my kids, not me. because they deserve the best. And you will feel the same about your future children.

Caroline Ray said...

Once you hold your newborn baby you are hooked for life. You will do anything for them. Think Poppy, but squishier. You will be a wonderful mother!

It Started With a Wink said...

when you hear that first little cry you'll be a goner!

AmandaB. said...

I'm finishing up my first year as a new mama. It's definitely been challenging. For me I did not instantly jump into my new role as easily as others seem to. It's just something you will learn along the way. My little one is not the only one that has grown a lot in the last year.

Jennifer Thomas said...

I love these guys! So cute. I was secretly hoping I would run into them here in Utah haha
I hope that by my third child I look as beautiful and graceful as Reachel.

Anonymous said...

It's the love that makes us do it. The love that starts as a small seed when you are pregnant and grows with the baby. The love that is born through pain, sleepless nights, and years of sacrifice. Love.

Lela Boyd said...

This is sweet :) When you have babies God gives you a small dose of his capacity to love, and somehow that's all you need! It's still hard and you still wanna cry and stomp your feet but with love it's just so doable.

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

I love super moms! They mostly just blow my mind!!!! Love all the pictures!!!

Jess said...

Every time I have any alone time, I wonder what I did with all of my me-time pre-baby. It just happens. Never a second thought. Yes, I relish in my time alone, but I never miss my life before Everly.

Brianna said...

You will have the answer when you have a baby of your own...and it is amazing, and the most incredible love you'll ever know.

Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant said...

We were so lucky to have you with us. We would have all perishes in chaos had you not endured along our side. You're going to be an amazing mom someday. And we will make coco, Levi and Oscar change your babies really stinky diapers :)

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