last week. last week. i don't even know what to say about it. it was, well, insane, and it made me feel insane. the fact that i have control issues (both that i like to control things and that i abhor being controlled) is not news to me, but i hate being reminded of it. 
this week i felt like no time was my time. that all 168 hours were assigned to someone else--i don't enjoy that feeling. i assume it's something i just need to get used to, but i know i never will--instead i need to learn how to manage my time more efficiently so that i always have a little bit of time that's just for me. i know sanity is worth that effort. it may sound selfish of me, but i don't think it is--and if it is, i guess i don't care. i believe personal health requires personal time. i'm rambling now--i think i need to get back into a yoga routine.
thank heavens it's a new week! 
cheers to a better one than the last!!!
<<what i wore>>
dreamcatcher necklace//gift from marcus
asymmetrical crop-top//nastygal $11 (buy similar here)
high-waisted skinny jeans//forever21 (very similar here)
gold bracelets and watch// c.o. a beautiful heart (buy here) and c.o. mimi's the look (buy here 15% off with code UNICORN)
sandals//target $17 (buy them here, trust me, you want to)
what do you do to cut out time for yourself?
 how to you not let the job/babies/other job/dog/fill in the blank take up all your 168 hours? 
i'd love to know and learn.


Nashelle said...

I usually tell myself that at a certain time (i.e. 5 pm, or 7 pm or whatever - as long as it is the same time every day) that I am DONE with work until the next day. I can't think about it, look at it, answer emails, anything. I could do extra stuff for my job forever because there are always more projects to prepare or lessons to plan. But I have found that setting restrictions on the 'extra' stuff I do for work, gives me more time for myself & my husband even if we're both still busy in the evenings.

Shelby Ballif said...

First of all, I adore this look and these photos are beautiful.

As simple as it sounds, I am really, really a list-maker. And a good sleeping pattern helps a ton. That extra hour in the morning to read whatever I want, to do yoga, to write a letter, whatever. It helps me feel like the day I'm starting, no matter my obligations, is still MINE.



Alissa Mitchell said...

Killer style. Awesome pictures. And I just love all of it.
Become famous, please.

Irene Navajas said...

You look soo pretty, nice outfit.
I am the worst at managing time lately, and that sucks because now I'm trying to combine my life as a housewife and other projects (study and work). I stress all the time.

jlovesstyle said...

You look insanely pretty (you always do but these pics lady....wowza!!). Never feel selfish for wanting /needing time for yourself. Try scheduling 'me dates' as you would hanging out with a friend, because honestly they are just as important!!! I seriously can't get over how much I love this outfit in you!

Gabby Shihady said...

I have authority issues, I HATE people telling me what to do. Anyway, I have been taking bubble baths everyday to help me keep my sanity. Its my time to zone out and read. Seriously, It's the best!

Jennifer Ray said...

U rock this outfit!

Ashley Nielson said...

that is a great idea. i definitely need to just turn my work email off at some point! thank you for that. being a grown up is hard work, eh?

Ashley Nielson said...

i'm a major list maker too, but it's the sleeping patterns i need to work on! my mind starts going crazy at night (when i usually can't do anything) and then I am so terribly tired in the morning it's hard to get started. I really need to train my body to get to bed early! thanks for the input!

Ashley Nielson said...

ahaha, you're awesome. thanks

Ashley Nielson said...

what, you didn't get married did you? but you and the boy are living together, is that what you're talking about? haha
hope we both figure the time thing out!

Ashley Nielson said...

thank you sweet lady!
the problem is i'm just as bad about scheduling friend dates! eep, another thing i need to work on! but you're right, people make it work, so i can too! thanks :)

Ashley Nielson said...

i would do that in idaho all the time, but we don't have a working tub in this house :( maybe i'll start going to the hot tub at my gym... :)

Ashley Nielson said...

you're nice!

Irene Navajas said...

yeah, sorry it's not clear. we're just living together (it's been a year already!!) and he works very long shifts so I take of the house plus half-time job and a master's. :)

bridgette blake said...

Thanks for the sandal recommendation. I just bought a pair today!

Hayley Elliott said...

you are so cute. but also, i feel your pain with the time management in making enough for yourself. yoga definitely helps me! just did 30 minutes. ive found that's often all you need. i use a great site for $18/mo called www.yogaglo.com. so many great teachers and classes! on your time :) xo

Jack Nami said...

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