{foodie} friday: toad stools


i had these at my sister-in-law, Reachel's, party i couldn't stop eating them.
now they're a regular snack here at the Nielson home.
since i've taken these photos, we've started serving them with a balsamic reduction.
it's no wonder i like them, they combine three of the finest things on earth--cheese, fresh basil and tomato! sometimes i just can't forgive myself for taking so long to love tomato.
 i simply cube jack cheese, slice a basil leaf, and half grape tomatoes.
stack and impale with a toothpick, then you can drizzle or dip in a balsamic reduction or eat alone.


Kirsten Wiemer said...

so awesome, thanks for sharing my husband will love this!

Irene Navajas said...

sooo good! my boyfriend is crazy for anything caprese, he usually gets that pizza at the restaurant.

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