eight tips for hawaii.


tip #1//if you go to get matsumoto's shave ice and the line is insane, the shaved ice place next door is just as delicious and huge (these are kids sizes!).
tip #2//get ice-cream at the bottom.
tip #3//when in hawaii, drink it up, look in all directions at all times--everywhere you look is somehow prettier than the last.
tip #4//never be sad about the rain, because you have this to look forward to.
tip #5//make a mix for the trip, only listen to said mix, then everytime you listen to those songs back at home, you'll be transported back (in your mind) to that grand adventure. 
Vampire Weekend was our honeymoon soundtrack the first time we went to hawaii!
tip #6//if you ever have the chance to move to hawaii and become a cowgirl, take the grand opportunity--the country is just as pretty as the beach out there!
tip #7//eat at least this much ted's bakery pie.
tip #8//go to hawaii!
 miss it already.

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Abi said...

I just went there for the first time about two weeks ago. It was probably the best experience ever! How can one place be so beautiful?! I really hope to go back there someday. Especially since the temple was closed when I was there.

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