lucky meeting you here.


friday night we had the best accidental encounter.
we were driving in mesa and we decided to go take some pictures at this new downtown mesa urban garden project. we had stopped by there once before to see what it was all about and it was still in it's very early stages.
<<what i wore>>
head scarf//vintage (similar here)
sunnies and lace top//c.o. oasap  
undershirt//c.o. undertease 
belt and pencil skirt//j.crew (similar belt here and skirt here $18)
turquoise bracelet//threads 
so we were taking some pictures and admiring how great everything was looking when this man, Ryan, walked up to us, introduced himself as the creature of the project and started telling us his inspiration to turn downtown mesa into something really great--since this is a subject that often graces the mouths of marcus and I, we were all ears. he's created a space that you can rent out garden plots, they provide the water and watering system and the beautiful space in which to work. your rent also includes admittance into some really cool events they'll be having at the space. they even let me plant some sunflowers before i left (still have a little dirt under my fingernail)! you should go check it out in a few weeks and see them bloom!
we then asked him about the progress of the restaurant next door, Republica Empanda, another new project we had been keeping our eye on. he told us to go over there and talk to the owner, he was in there now.
we were so excited to get a glimpse of it before it opened, and boy oh, boy, we were not disappointed. 
the building has been a life-time favorite of mine, and i had actually always dreamed of owning it and turning it into an amazing vintage clothing shop or a specialty soda bar, but when i saw that it went to someone who truly understood it's beauty and design, I couldn't have been happier for marco. marco is so nice and really passionate about mesa and bringing it back to life, and i love people like that.
i can't wait for them to open officially (Early April) so we can give them a try!

marcus basking in the idea of not having to drive to tempe, scottsdale or phoenix just to go somewhere cool and local to eat...
meeting two awesome, inspiring people whose projects we've been admiring for months by chance within minutes of each other was awesome! i love people who are brave enough to do something that's a little scary, because they're passionate enough to do something amazing. i want to be like that.

if you live in arizona or ever plan to come for a visit, you should like their pages on facebook to show support of some really great projects! 
Mesa Urban Garden 
Republica Empanada


Shelby Ballif said...

I love this look! I am seriously obsessed with that lace top!

You look gorgeous!


Ashley Nielson said...

me too! you should get one, it's perfect for summer

alaina langridge said...

Hey :-) I've been reading your blog for such a long time and hardly ever get to commenting but just wanted to say, wow, what awesome projects! It's really special to live in a place that has a great sense of community isn't it?! and always good to support local! ....oh and your outfit is GORGEOUS!!

Jenny Keyes said...

I've been reading for awhile, but I don't think I've ever commented before. BUT, yesterday I swear I saw your husband when I went to the eye doctor. Does he work at Southwest Eye Center in Phoenix?

Sara Shoemaker said...

this outfit is gorgeous!!! One of my favorites, that lace is gorgeous and I love the pairing with that pink skirt. Charlotte russe has such cute skirts. the whole look comes together so beautifully :) this place looks Awesome too!

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