it's a risky business.


yesterday i got a link sent to me from my bff jenny.
it was this link:

and moments later, i was dead.
dead from shock.
from laughter.
from tears.
and most of all dead from confusion.
please enjoy this absolutely baffling tutorial and think upon the risks us bloggers take on a regular basis...;)


Caley and Noah said...

This is blowing up on the webisphere! I could not stop laughing at the astonished/perplexed look on this kids face. Like she just sat there for a solid 60 seconds trying to comprehend how she just fried her hair clean off. BAHHH hahahah poor thing!

Aimee @LikeMother LikeDaughter said...

Hilarious. But why did this poor girl ever post her video online?

Aiketa said...

hahahahaha this is exactly what made me laugh, it took her a long time to pass the initial shock...

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