a strange case of the boreds.


i hate to admit it, but lately i've been having a case of the boreds. 
it could have something to do with the fact that Poppy has strict orders from the vet to stay locked up or curled up (on my lap) for 2 weeks, or it could be something more serious, but i just needed a little more party in my house if i was going to be quarantined here for 14 days.

so, while poppy and i got hooked on 30 Rock, i cut circles out of every piece of colored paper i could find in the house and made myself a confetti wall. it was just the right of party for my place and has thus far been the perfect cure for my boreds. it's even ignited my crafty flame and i have a few more projects i'm totally stoked to undertake--i needed a little kick in the pants! 

here's how to create you're own confetti wall, great for a craft room, little girls room, birthday parties, holidays, or just a known remedy for your own case of the boreds.
pick your colors//
i think a slightly heavier paper looks better, but i used a little of both so either is fine.
google a circle template for whatever sized circle you want//
i used 4 inch circles--you can find the template here
+After cutting about 50 out by hand i found at my scrapbook store has a die-cut, so i did the rest using that--much faster!
roll up pieces of painters tape (to avoid pulling paint off the wall) and arrange the circles on your//
remember it's a confetti wall and doesn't have to be perfectly spaced or planned--
imagine you just threw confetti up in the air and you're watching it fall.
another fun little thing you can do with your extra painters tape--make a frame for any pretty prints you still have unframed. heaven knows i have way too many laying around my house! the one pictured above is found HERE.
it looked cute in every stage, so use as many or as little dots as you have, and even half dots look cute layered or placed on wall edges.

and don't forget to show me if you do it! tag me on instagram (@ashleyanielson), put links to your blog, or post on the blogs facebook, i'd love to see how you interpret this.

what do you think? would you try it?


Madeline said...

Do you actually have that BEAUTIFUL World map of fabrics on the wall?? Where did you get that? or how did you do that?!? beatiful! I need it in my life!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

love these. the polka dots are so cute. if we weren't moving a few months i would totally try this out!

Ashley Nielson said...

i just added a link to where you can get your own world print, check it out :) i love mine

Jen said...

My 3rd birthday was a polka dot party. It's definitely come full circle and it's time for another polka dot party. Good idea with the painters tape too as a backing.

Aiketa said...

I really like it. I think it's so simple and cheers the room up so much! I will keep this idea in mind for whenever I need to decorate. Now my bedroom has many things up and would be to much. But thanks for the idea, Ashley.

katilda.com said...

Ooh, boredom is the worst! I am glad work keeps me busy but then I have the opposite problem of dying to be a little bored now and again. Maybe you could get out and volunteer? Always wish I had so much more time for that! Also, polka dots are an excellent choice.

Nashelle said...

In college, my roommates and I did a confetti wall in our living room. It was the happiest room in the house for sure. I can't wait until I can convince my husband to let me do it again. :)


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