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Here are a few things i hope you own or at least suggest you acquire in the near future--because, well, they're just perfect staple pieces.
1. a well-tailored trench coat
2. leopard print shoes and/or belt
A trench just makes any outfit sophisticated, ladylike, and structured. 
Wouldn't you agree?

Leopard print has earned itself a 'tacky' label in the past, and it still can be terribly tacky if down wrong or in abundance, but when done right it can really add such a pretty texture to an outfit. 
It's one of my favorite prints to play with. I've been looking for the perfect pair for some time--but after seeing the j.crew etta's i thought i was spoiled for life...not that i would ever pay that much for a pair of shoes, but i just knew i wouldn't be satisfied with anything less jaw-dropping.
well, what to my surprise, when i found these beauties for only $29 at target. They're almost identical and less than 1/10th the price! it was love at first sight, even marcus told me to put them immediately in the cart. i did not contest.
<<what i wore>>
geo earrings//forever21 $4 (same here)
arrow necklace//stella&dot gift (similar here)
red sweater//vintage $2
belt//jcrew sale (old)
skirt//anthro (borrowed from reachel)
purse//h&m $22 (old) (similar here)
trench//old navy sale (old) (similar here)
leopard heels (new favorite shoes!)//target $29 (buy them here)

what are your staple pieces?


kikicbrownee said...

Whoa. Your outfit totally reminded me of this one (worn by Aria on the show Pretty Little Liars). I like yours better tho :)

rachel sayumi said...

that skirt is amazing!!!!


I wore one of your shirts!! check out my post here:


jesspants said...

I looooove that skirt!

Shannon Heart's said...

I totally agree with you! A trench and leopard shoes are definitely timeless wardrobe staples. You look gorgoeus!

Irene Navajas said...

I need a trench, specially since I lost my black one in China last month :(((( but I'm still so scared of the leopard print! I don't think I have anything with it.
I think my basic piece is a black bag because it goes with almost everything. and a good pair of jeans which I also need urgently.

Ashley Nielson said...

that's hilarious! i've never even seen that show, but you're right! good eye :)

Ashley Nielson said...


Ashley Nielson said...

muchos gracias!

Ashley Nielson said...

no tights, it's chilly here, but not too bad--i didn't have to be outside very much that day either, so that helped. good luck finding the shoes!

Ashley Nielson said...

ah man, losing clothes is the worst. and you're right a good pair of jeans is probably the most staple of staples in a wardrobe! i have some pretty good jeans, but i'm still on the hunt fot the perfect ones!
as far as leopard, i think you'd look great in it! just start with a skinny belt, so it's just a tiny dash of sass for your outfit! good luck cute girl

Marlowe said...

This is off topic, but what ever happened to busybeelauren??

brittany lewis said...

oh i love it! i need those shoes. i haven't gone clothes shopping in so long and it's about time!

Ashley Nielson said...

she went private a few months ago.

Deidre || Love, The Skinnys said...

Um... HELLO! This outfit is smashing. You totally nailed it on the head. Love it all.

Deidre || Love, The Skinnys

PS. Dont forget to come enter my giveaway!

Irene Navajas said...

thanks for the tip! good luck in the jeans hunt!! :)

Ashley said...

I want that bag :)

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