{Wardrobe} Wednesday: hearts&stripes&crazies all over


Well yesterday was like any other roll out day at work.
I had spent the majority of my day up on ladders with props and tools in my hands, when suddenly I heard my visuals manager, in his thick puerto rican accent, beckon me over quite urgently.

He told me, "Ashley, go outside and tell the security guard the man he is looking for is in here."
I tried to inquire about what the background story was, since I know this is not how we handle shoplifting situations, but he would not say anything more and urged me out the door.
Still very confused, I delivered the cryptic message verbatim, and to my surprise, the security guard knew what it meant. All he said was, "Don't worry ma'am, the police are on their way."

My curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask what was going on, but never had I expected to hear what I heard next--
Apparently in a different store (not ours thankfully!) the man had exposed himself and started urinated out in the open! 
When the security guard told me, I kept my composure, but when I had to relay the message back to my manager, it was just too much. I had a very unprofessional awkward/confused/shocked laugh attack.
Later that day on my lunch break, I saw a lady in line with her entire rear hanging out--and I don't mean just sort of, I mean I could describe her very tiny undies in detail and entirety. I'm still not sure what was going on there, but what i learned that day was that people are crazy.
I know it's hot in arizona right now and wearing clothes can be a challenge, and i know sometimes finding a restroom in the mall can be really inconvenient, but people, no. 
Just, no.
What's the craziest thing that happened to you at work?
the breakdown:
sunnies: c/o modcloth
teal deal purse: available in my shop
striped navy and white shirt: 80s vintage/thrifted
green belt: vintage/thrifted
heart skirt: j.crew/borrowed from the empress
wedges: j.crew sale
a watch: urbanoutfitters
leopard watch strap: j.crew sale


Irene Navajas said...

first of all, i like your skirt! hearts are the coolest pattern.
second, people are crazy! and tell me about hot weather, I can't stand being dressed when in the streets but that doesn't mean I go around naked! XD

li-sha said...

haha! i think your story takes the cake, but once when i worked at an ice cream place in rexburg, some lady thought it would be okay to bring her dog inside and it peed all over the floor. and then she stood around waiting for me to clean up after her dog, but my co-worker and i made her do it instead. ha.

Mugdha said...

Wow...that is crazy! I....how does one even justify either of those to themselves? I never understand, haha!

Charlotte Parker said...

Interesting story! And isn't the empress so generous?

Jen Ray said...

um how could i even try to beat those stories. crazy!.... but at least it keeps the day interesting, right :)

Kayla FrecklesinApril said...

I worked in property management for a few years and one of our properties was a tiny four-plex in a super sketchy part of Apache Junction. We had a total white trash tenant living there for a year or two and one time he came in super angry about something. My desk was at the very front of the office so he came in and started yelling at me and threatening to bring in his knife collection (we had seen it before during a property inspection. Not to be messed with). Stuff like that happened kind of often but that time I was legitimately nervous!

Fortunately, no one exposed themselves or peed in our office. That is so gross and weird.

Emily Nelson said...

I am in love with this outfit!!

Ashley Nielson said...

that is bananas! glad you made it out of that job alive! haha

Ashley Nielson said...

seriously, i've never been so entertained at work!

Ashley Nielson said...

so so generous!

Ashley Nielson said...

way to be! hahah

Ashley Nielson said...

right?! only okay in the privacy of your own home!

Ashley Nielson said...

oh, thank you!

Anna said...

hahah oh gosh, that sounds like such an eventful day!! I absolutely adore this outfit!! your skirt is so adorable!!

hattie said...

Style Blog

i just spent half an hour reading through your love story and your us story.you are a fabulous writer, and i could not stop reading! i love the way you write.

this story you have written here is also priceless! i love it.

talk soon wild child

Style Blog

Barclay Lallatin said...

I am in love with your blog and your outfits! I'm insanely curious as to what your job is (or what you got your degree in)?

Jenny said...

Wow, people can be so weird! The craziest thing that has happened to me at work (I'm a flight attendant so there are a lot) was someone leaving a poop on top of the toilet with the lid closed! I'm not really sure how or why that happened...but gross!

MacKenzie Wear said...

OH my gosh, that is hilarious! I used to work at the Loft and one night we had a shoplifting incident, and a guy chased after him and got the clothes back! It was like he was a super hero. Then right after a lady had a stroke in the middle of our store. She was literally laying on the table displaying the jeans.

Anonymous said...

I was 15 and working at a party studio, I was doing a lady's toenails and she had already asked me several odd questions like what color she should dye her hair etc. Well then she was looking at her phone and showed me a picture of a young man (I'm not gonna lie he was pretty cute) and asked me my opinion of his features. I answered that I thought he was good looking and then she proceeded to tell me that he was yer nephew and really sweet and a good boy. She then proceeded to ask me if I would go out with him. I stuttered a little and she said, and I quote "please hes so cute and only 21. I then told her my age and she freaked out apologizing. Funniest thing ever.

Diana B said...

Absolutely love the skirt combined with the shirt!

Kathryn Melzer said...

I had someone expose themselves and pee in front of me at work, but it was a 5 year old kid peeing on a tree outside the kindergarten class. I just laughed and looked the other way and kept walking to the office to make copies. I didn't want to get the poor kid in trouble.

Adrian Lesoing said...

What a crazy story! Good thing you didn't see the guy exposing himself! Yuck!! On a better note, your heart skirt is ADORABLE!!

xx Adrian

Rhonda said...

hahah oh gosh, that sounds like such an eventful day!! I absolutely adore this outfit!! your skirt is so adorable!!

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