{Tunes} on Tuesday: Featuring Birdy


Just saw this beautiful video on my facebook feed, so i had to share it with you!

That adorable blonde makes me want to chop my hair and live in red lipstick.
Now if i could just get her flawless fair skin...



shaina longstreet said...

I just LOVE that song.  and the blonde girl's hair.  I just got mine cut that short and I adore it.  Lots of versatility... way more than I was expecting. :)  

Lauren Brimley said...

Birdy is kind of my favorite. She has the voice of an angel.

Shelley Billy said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Dani Shapiro said...

I LOVE BIRDY. Her cover of Skinny Love makes me weep. (I'm laughing, but seriously, I pretty much cry listening to it!)

<3 The Daily Dani

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