nothing to do?


let me show you what you should be doing this friday evening:
phoenix science center/adult's night:
PLEASE pay the extra and see The Hubble 3D. It had me crying from happiness. literal tears streaming.
 someday when i'm incredibly rich, i would like a meditation room like the VanGoghAlive exhibit
 reachel exemplifies a true lady as she wins a tug-a-war in a skirt and heels.
 luckily andrew and reachel make WAY cuter/less creepy babies than this science project predicts...we're still waiting to see with leisel and sterling.
phoenix art museum:
phoenix art district:
it's a magical little ditty called first friday.
things are free.
and fun.
in phoenix.
every first friday of the month.
and it pretty much makes it impossible to come up with an excuse to not at least go on one really fun date a month.
and that, my friends, is important.
very important.



Irene Navajas said...

wow! that's cool! in Paris it is the first Sunday and if I'm there I obviously take the opportunity!

Megan Wait said...

Now that I see the broken arm, I think I actually fractured mine over the weekend. And your friend kinda looks like Miranda Gosgrove...

Robin Le Blanc said...

These all look like great places to visit! I'm putting them on my "To Do" list now :)

Melanie said...

Oh all of this sounds so fun!!! To bad I don't live even near you guys :( Some day...

Emma Ball said...

AHhh! I went a couple months ago and it was my favorite thing in the world! don't forget LoLo's Chicken and Waffles afterwards! :)

Dani Shapiro said...

HOW FUN! We have a Discovery Science Museum here in So Cal - I wonder if they ever do adult nights?!

<3 The Daily Dani

Jennifer Thomas said...

Remember when Marcus was upset that you gave his Kanye West sunnies to Sterling? haha so cute. And remember how my legs are two feet long? Hahahah I miss this so much!

Diana B said...

I love science centers!. There's one here in the LA area, and i felt like a huge kid when I went...I actually caught myself kinda pushing little kids out of the way so that I could do some of the exhibits!

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